I was watching comedy central yesterday, then some stand-up dvd's and then the simpsons (i was bored) and then a thought hit me, are there any christians that do comedy, of any kind? I know of jewish comedians Woody Allen and Sarah Silverman, of Russell Peters as an indian comedian and many more. But never of christian comedians, are they just not well known or are there not actually any. And can you be, well, funny or for people to find you funny if you are christian. Or are they just too serious to do stand-up or comedy to an audience.

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Religious beliefs are funny, if you put aside all the suffering they've caused. :)

Hmm is woody allen not an atheist ?

I remember seeing quite a few anti religious quotes from his hand.

*checks quotes*


If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss Bank. [Woody Allen, Selections from the Allen Notebooks, in New Yorker (5 Nov. 1973)]


Not only is God dead, but just try to find a plumber on weekends.

To YOU I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition.

As the poet said, Only God can make a tree -- probably because it's so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.

How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?

If it turns out that there is a God, I don't think that he's evil. But the worst that you can say about him is that basically he's an underachiever.

I do not believe in an afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear.

The chief problem about death, incidentally, is the fear that there may be no afterlife -- a depressing thought, particularly for those who have bothered to shave. Also, there is the fear that there is an afterlife but no one will know where it's being held. [Woody Allen, The Early Essays, Without Feathers (1976)]

I do occasionally envy the person who is religious naturally, without being brainwashed into it or suckered into it by all the organized hustles. [Woody Allen, Rolling Stone magazine, 1987]


Anyway, i think Chris Rock is christian and he is quite a funny guy imo :)

yeah sorry got that wrong born jewish not actually religious my bad. And i did not know that Chris Rock was christian - he IS very funny - But apart from that any other christian comedians. Because the majority of comedians are lets face it atheist. Why do people think that is?
The Christian Comedy Association is an association of Christians committed to offering faith affirming truth through the craft of comedy. The CCA was formed with a three-fold purpose: To facilitate fellowship and networking between our fellow Christians working in the field of comedy. To raise the awareness of Christian comedy. To enhance the craft of Christian comedy by encouraging and training Christian Comedians. (CCA)




Christian comedy is a sub-genre of comedy where the material presented is aimed towards a Christian audience. The performances are typically held on church grounds or at off-site, Church-sponsored venues.
The material often contains Christian references, although this is not a requirement. Recently, notable performers like Victoria Jackson, Tim Conway, Sinbad and Patricia Heaton have appeared on a DVD series for the Christian market entitled, "Thou Shalt Laugh". (Christian comedy - Wikipedia article)

"training christian comedians" didn't know you could train someone in comedy. I thought it was natural talent or just a sort of knack.

I bet most of the succesful comedians are indeed the ones that have a gift and did not train for it.

Same with singers or poets or art painters.

You either have it or you do'nt.

Well, I don't think you can be trained in comedy either... but christians do that, apparently. Nothing coming from them surprise me anymore.

Over here we also have sort of a training.  In a pub around my corner contest are held between comedians and the participants get training from a well-established comedian.  Offcourse you have to have some natural talent, but training can help you with speaking in front a big audience.

Most comedians over here(belgium) are atheïsts to by the way.  

There are a few, Tim Hawkins can be found on youtube.

What are you talking about? I thought all christians were comedians? I find christianity absolutely hilarious, especially when they quote scripture. It comes so naturally to them too. Its like they're not even trying to be a laugh riot.

List of Christian comedians pulled from: http://christiancomedy.tripod.com/



John & Bob (FL) -- NEW site!!! These guys are odd. QUIRKY comedy!

Mark Lowry (TN) -- "Hypermouth" performs comedy & music parody. He's the KING and gets paid like one!

Mike Williams (FL) -- We like Dr. Comedy! Specializes in prop comedy & goofy songs. Provides matterial for Carrot Top.

ISAAC (FL) -- hot off tour with Five Iron Frenzy is now booking their spring tour AKA 'Isaac 20,000 Strong'. It will cover the whole nation and will last from March 1 till April 30th. If interested in booking these guys do it now dates are filling up.

Prime Example (GA) -- Jon & Fred are a wacky skit comedy team. Goofy voices and plenty of other goofy stuff.

OTHER COMEDY LOVER LINKS -- If you are NOT a Comedian and would like to ADD YOUR SITE... Please use this link!

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Dwight Scruggs (TX) -- Been on BET ComicView! Show me the light, Dwight...

David Cain (?) -- A juggler? You better have some comedy in your routine' David!

Bill Thomas (MI) -- Ok, here's the site to Billville... Bill does Corp. comedy, too.

Thor Ramsey (OK) -- Neat Guy. Fun Guy. Awesome Site.

Peter McCahon (UK) -- Christian Magic in the UK.

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Daren Streblow (CA) -- Experience the hypnotic comedy power of Daren... and check out his neat site!

Diana Williams (MI) -- Gospel Ventriloquist.

John and Bob (FL) -- NEW site!!! John and Bob are odd. QUIRKY comedy!

Donna East (NYC) -- She said I needed some "estrogen" on this site... Check out Donna! I dare you.

Marth Bolton (TN) -- Emmy nominated comedy writer, speaker, humorist, "The Cafeteria Lady", author of 45 books.

Jerry Nelson (GA) -- AWESOME ministry and speaker... especially for those in recovery. Jerry is funny!

Comedy by George (GA) -- Impressions, voices, stand-up, skit and sketch comedy, drama, songs, preaching & teaching... WOW!

Steve Rad (NC) -- Combines apolgetics and stand up comedy. I gotta see that!

Russ Reeves (TX) -- Cool Dude!

Gene Carroll (TN) -- I think I like this guy.

Comedy Tour (PA) -- Click Here to find out about when the TOUR is in your area.

Josh Shipp (OK) -- Young, exciting, HIGH-ENERGY, informative, interactive, and HILARIOUS speaker for your next youth event.

Rod Allison (NC) -- His unique mixture of abilities allows him to reach everyone Ö regardless of age or color.

Tim Cimbura (MN) -- Magic, juggling and comedy program provides fun for the entire family (including the family pets).

Scott Davis (GA) -- Comedy speaker. Mike from DCTalk likes him... and so do I.

CPR (MI) -- Improv comedy & such.

Kenn Kington (GA) -- That's Kenn with 2 N's. Humorous speaker & performer. Witty guy...

Ken Davis (TN) -- Humorous & Inspiration Speaker. Works with the Denver Broncos. Now moved to the Christian Music Mecca... Nash. TN.

Rick & Mick Ministries (AL) -- Comedy-Music brother team. More funny music than comedy.

On the Spot Improv (FL) -- A ministry that evangelizes by using the art of Comedy Improvisation. Orlando, FL.

Clean Comedians -- CLEAN COMEDIANS is a company dedicated to the idea that "It doesn't have to be filthy to be funny!"

Elaine Brantley (GA) -- She has created the character "Maxie the Preacher's Wife"... funny stuff.

MirthMakers (TN) -- Clowns who can teach you how to start a clown ministry at your church!

David Jeffers (NY) -- Magic, Clowning, Puppetry, Story Telling, Magic Classes, Clowning classes and pupperty classes. Has a real rabbit, too.

Rubber Chicken Guy (Canada) -- Comic, magician, juggler and escape artist - all rolled into one. Watch out it's Rubber Chicken Guy!

J. L. Green (WA) -- Check him out NOW! Awesome Christian comedian & speaker. I like J.L.!

John Branyan (IN) -- Comedian & first class comedy writer and all 'round Great guy.

Glenn Strange (SC) -- "The Glenn Strange Comedy and Magic Show is the answer to your problems!" I guess Glenn doesn't have a confidence problem...

Stephen (TN) -- Magic with a message. Takes your personalized message or slogan and incorporates it into his magic.

Doug Berky (TN) -- A master of mime and improvisation, clowning and suspense.

Justin N. Fennell (FL) -- Yarn-spinning stories, outrageous props, audience participation, funny music and stand-up comedy (at least that's what he tells me).

Neale Bacon & Friends (CAN) -- Ventriloquist and Magician. Neale has a Dancing Pig!

Earl Alexander (WA) -- Awesome picture of Earl on his groov'in site.

Jason & Jeremy Bryant (TX) -- Family friendly (filth free) comedians in Texas.

Mary Krulikowski (FL) -- Check out Mary K' s cool audio clips of her routine...

School of Fish (GA) -- Improv troupe from Georga...

Taylor Mason (TN) -- Puppet Guy who is NO puppet to the Christian Music Industry and will NEVER sell-out to the "mainstream" industry powers in Nashville.

Craig Curtis(?) -- And "Whatever Ministries"... Check it out!

Sister Betty(?) -- The First Lady of Gospel Comedy Fiction and Performance! You go!

Kathy and the Crazy Tie Guy (TX) -- Juggling/comedy duo. And, believe me... "crazy" ties ARE much more funny that "regular" ties!

Nick Alexander (CT) -- Catholic "Weird Al" -- He takes standard secular pop songs, and rewrites them so that they are devoutly Catholic and laugh-out-loud funny.

Robert Burkhart (TX) -- Warning! Turn the volume down on your speakers before you visit this site.

Rev. Joseph Mejia (CA) -- Our vision is to help win lost souls into the Kingdom of God by ministering the Joy of the Lord through the gift of Stand-Up Comedy.

Lanny Moody (GA) -- He has opened for such artists as, Third Day, NewSong, Greg Long, and Ron David Moore.

Tim Hawkins (TX) -- Stand up comedy, impressions, and music. Friend of Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship.

Apologetix -- That Christian Parody Band!

Oh Manna (CA) -- Improv and Sketch comedy troupe.

Dennis Swanburg (TN) -- Some call him "The Swan"... others call him America's Minister of Encouragment!

Purely Post -- Jeff & Brad Post... a comedy duo!

Bob Perron (IA) -- Catholic Edu-tainer. A delicious blend of humor and education. You go, Bob!

Barry Mitchell Communications (TN) -- Humorous entertainment, encouragement, stress management & christian developement. Barry does it all!

Jay Laffoon (MI) -- Communicator with a cool last name.

Jeff Allen (TN) -- His theme... HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE. Sounds like a plan!

Bob Alper (VT) -- Rabbi ~ Stand-up Comic ~ Author ~ The world's only practicing clergyman doing stand-up comedy... intentionally.

Larry D. Veal -- Clean comedy since 1990.

Mike Warnke (KY) -- He's Back! With his own comedic style that grabs the attention of his listeners.

Steve Feazel (OH) -- Presenting the Christian message through drama and standup comedy.

Michael Joiner -- Stand-up and audience interaction.

Larry Bubb (CA) -- Combines music with comedy and drama to portray God's awesome love. Sounds cool.

Doug Wood (TX) -- Doug Wood is the self-proclaimed: Doctor of Comedy! If your feeling sick... book Doug.

Christian Clown Links -- Clown Related Links, Juggling, and Comedy. It's a "Clown Super-Store" just for you!

Henry M.Morse (MA) -- AKA The Great Benafuchi -- acrobat, juggler, unicyclist and comedian. Warning: LOUD web site!

John Cooper -- Speaker, entertainer, humorist, and all around nice guy.... you'll like him!

Bone (CA) -- Bone is "Saved, Sanctified, & Substitute Teaching." The new title of his new comedy C.D.

Comics 4 Christ (CA) -- The show stars comedian "BONE" who is listed above.

Ted & Lee Comedy (VA) -- Purveyers of fine humor since 1987. Never seen 'em.

Crossroads Comedy With Scott Gregory (IN) -- Stand-up and christ-centered challenge.

David Dean (IN) -- Has opened for Rich Mullins, The Insyderz, Audio Adrenalin, Petra, Al Denson, Michael Card, Geoff Moore and others.

Frankie Sherman (SC) -- She's a speaker for women's events & retreats. Uses lots of comedy in teachings. (I love the name Frankie!)

Cary Trivanovich (CA) -- Definitely not your ordinary "mime"! This guy rocks, man... check the site.

Tim Gagnon (MD) -- Try this NEW stand-up comedian and his debut routine, "God's A French Canadian".

Carla Coble (TN) -- Actress and stand-up comedienne. Wacky lady with lots of wacky experience.

Melvin George II -- I am NOT cool! But I am God's favorite comedian. Say what, Melvin?

Cecile Kaiser (CA) -- Christian Comedienne makes you laugh at the everyday occurrences in life, family, children and marriage.

Charles Marshall (GA) -- Corporate or church events. Who says comedy has to be dirty to be funny? Not Charles!

Peculiar People (TN) -- Touring theater company based in Franklin, TN. Drama with comedy.

Light Hearted Comedy Co (GA) -- Christian Improv comedy. CLICK this site... it's groovy.

Keith Deltano (GA) -- Comedy with a message. Uses squirt guns in his show... COOL!

Bob Cates (ONT) -- Canandian Juggler, Comedian, Magician. New Vaudevillian. NICE web site, Bob!

Chris Elrod (FL) -- Humorist & inspirational speaker.

Bob Smiley (TX) -- Comedian who has traveled with Newsboys.

Chonda Pierce (TN) -- Perky humourist & author. Funny lady!

Craig & Jake Live (CA) -- Good camp speakers. Use humor to communicate to youth.

Al Fike (TX) -- Comedian, Speaker and Entertainer.

Sister Cantaloupe (TX) -- Trina Jeffrie, 38, portrays the gossipy Christian character, Sister Cantaloupe.

Phil Snyder -- Comedian. Called the "Man of a Million Voices". I think is more like 900,000 voices, but who's counting?

Nazareth (CA) -- Stand-up. Nicknamed.. "America's Favorite Immigrant".

Danny Murphy (FL) -- Humorist.

Farmer Dave (PA) -- And his Barnyard Friends... puppet laughs are good laughs!

Jim Chester (LA) -- Professional Illusionist & Comic... Entertainment that changes lives.

Reggie Taylor -- Communications through comedy. Cool.

The Frenetic Ephods -- Skit comedy, slapstick & comic songs. Austrailia based.

Righteous Insanity Theatre Co (IN) -- Drama team. ORDER their skits for your chruch or youth group.

WiseGuyz (CA) -- Sketches, music, storytelling, seminars. They are "guys", except with a "z"...

Joe Gautier (CA) -- Comic Genius. Try to get him if you can...

Paul Gustafson (GA) -- Humorist. Gotta see his web site! Is this for real?


Dane Cook has made comments in his shows against Atheists. He's christian I believe. Funny that this came up. My friend who passed away in September was a comedian. I'm putting together a comedy show to raise money that will be donates to cancer research, because he died from cancer. One of the headlining comedians is quite religious. He posts stuff on facebook about god and what not. The way he words things hasn't offended me though. He's one of the rare "truely decent" people I know... even if he is a darn theist. :)


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