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My dad and his gfriend know of my atheist status. My whole family does, actually. It's never been an issue. However, Dad recently sent me two books on Wicca and witchcraft and a lovely pentagram pendant for my birthday. Obviously, that's not my thing. I am wondering if that is a common misconception? Atheism can't really be a lack of belief; there has to be something there. I must be a witch-wannabe. Sigh. I totally appreciate the thought-- and the support, as most parents wouldn't be so enthusiastic about this particular choice in religion-- but while I love the historical aspect of paganism, I am not a pagan. I'm going to go visit and see if I can discretely return the books. The pendant is kind of pretty. :o)

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I finally got him on the phone (he spends his winters snowbirding it), and he told me he thought I might find them interesting. I don't quite know if that means he thinks I'm Wiccan or if he's trying to broaden my religious horizons. However, one of the books is "Wicca for Dummies," which teaches how to cast spells, etc. I'm rather perplexed. I just thanked him and told him it's always good to keep informed on all religions for knowledge purposes.

And yes, Shine, the pendant is a pentagram. It's a really nice one with a raven resting on it-- I actually like it very much (I, too, enjoy the neat angles and the symbolism of them).

I don't think he was messing around, Adriana. He is very open-minded (he considers himself agnostic). I think perhaps he is still "finding his place." I am atheist. I'm beyond agnostic (though if you could prove god to me with good solid logic or a personal introduction, I'd be willing to go that direction): I'm atheist. I do not believe. He, however, has dabbled in Buddhism until he realized it was just another religion, godless or no, and then he kind of held himself there in agnosticism. He did say on the phone that he appreciates paganism's nature-based beliefs, but that in the end it's just as "silly as the rest of them" (meaning religions). So, perhaps he is projecting his search upon me because we like to purchase each other thought-provoking books for holidays and birthdays. I sent him Hitchens' book last year for his birthday. Perhaps this year he will receive "The God Delusion."

I'll get him to atheism yet! :o)


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