In case you've been living under a rock or have been out of the country the last couple weeks, Hanna Anderson is a 16 year old California girl who allegedly was abducted by an older male family "friend," James Lee DiMaggio (hereafter JLD), who, before he abducted her, allegedly tortured and killed her mother and brother in his home (not theirs), a home which he burned down perhaps in an attempt to destroy evidence. A huge BOLO (be on the lookout) was put into effect and they were finally spotted in backwoods Idaho. He was killed in the girl's rescue in what may have been a suicide-by-FBI. 

I find a number of things about this case weird and would not be surprised if there were some, well, surprises to come out of the FBI's investigation. Why?

Apparently a number of letter have been found between Hanna and JLD. What sort of content is in those letters?

Used condoms have been found in JLD's home. I wonder whose DNA will be found on those, if DNA is salvageable?

Then there are her inconsistent statements. She has said (a) that JLD tied up her mother and brother and set an incendiary device to go off after a while and (b) she has also said that she felt her mother would be the first to come looking for her.

And then there's Hanna's weird clenched-tooth smile, which you see in almost all of the photos of her. It's a smile that doesn't seem genuine because it's more in the mouth than in the eyes. 

Then there's how "normal" she's seemed after the abduction and killing of her abdductor pretty much right in front of her eyes. She got busy right away on social media answering questions and, far from going into hiding due to her grief, appeared at a fund-raising function.

In fact, there's little evidence of the grief I think most of us would feel if a parent and sibling had been tortured and murdered.

How unwilling was she? How complicit? I certainly hope she was unwilling and not complicit, but, something certainly seems wrong here. If she was complicit, it won't be the first time an older man has introduced a girl to sex (if that's what happening, and I'm really only speculating) and got her to do horrific things. 

Also, because of the smile and the apparent lack of grief, there may be a backstory there. Sexual abuse, perhaps? I won't speculate with whom, but that does lead to rather strange behavior. 

So, is it just me or do some of you think there may be much more here than meets the eye? I certainly hope I'm wrong.

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That is one of my suspicions.

It's just you.

lol. blunt much?

Blunt? By which you mean a reefer or joint? Probably a lot!

Actually, I find the flavor, odor and effect not to my liking, so sorry, Unny --

@Kairan - Only when it comes to the UnOne.

If she was in love with her abductor, then surely she would have exhibited grief at his death.  I agree with the freakiness of her smile, though - it's kind of creepy.

Or, if she's been sexually abused, she may not be in touch with her emotions.

That's one response of abuse. The other is to lock one's feeling away in the back of one's mind and putting on a face of okay-ness to the world. 

And let's not assume sexual abuse. I was only speculating.

Yes. I don't want anyone to think I'm blaming the victim with this post. At 16, no matter what happened, she's a victim. 

If you think for a second that 16-year olds can't be instigators, you're sadly mistaken.

If you believe otherwise, perhaps you can explain why kids younger than that have been tried in courts as adults.

And then there's Hanna's weird clenched-tooth smile

How is that anything out of the ordinary? But I guess the absence of a duckface is.


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