Trebles All Round With Hangover-Free Booze

Last Updated 16:55 04/03/2010
James Jordan, Sky News Online
The dreaded morning-after feeling could be a thing of the past after scientists in Korea came up with a technique that allows drinkers to avoid a hangover.

A team of researchers in South Korea added extra oxygen to drinks and found that the body was then able to metabolise the booze quicker and eliminate the alcohol quicker - cutting down the after effects.

Healthy humans were given 240ml and 360ml drinks containing 19.5% alcohol by volume - all with different amounts of oxygen added.

The results, documented in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, showed those who consumed the more highly oxygenated drinks recovered quicker and saw their blood alcohol levels return to normal more speedily.

Researchers In-hwan Baek, Byung-yo Lee and Kwang-il Kwon of Chungnam National University's College of Pharmacy concluded: "Elevated dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcoholic drinks accelerate the metabolism and elimination of alcohol.

"Thus, enhanced dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcohol may have a role to play in reducing alcohol-related side effects and accidents."

The only down-side the boffins found was that the process also reduced the amount of time drinkers were actually drunk for.
You dnrinking lot have never had it so good man,when I was a drinker you had no optiion but to take the hangover, what fucking next,alchol without the violence :)

A Korean drinks company is now launching an oxygenated "soju" drink called O2 Lin - a drink that "helps clarify your brain, energises your body cells, and maintains healthy and resilient skin".

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