Hangover ?


No , wait ,  it’s not about alcohol , it’s about religion !

 But before getting to my point , I wanna just mention some

funny facts that both drunk  and theist people have in common:

They both talk nonsense .

They both  have special places : bars versus churches ... .

They both pay money .

They both get violent most of the time .

They both think they are right .


The list is long , feel free to add to it .




Unlike excessive drunkers , theists don’t have hangovers  even if they consume too much religion . The only time they do is when they become Atheists ( my case , I don’t like generalisations ).

 Some Symptomes of religion hangeover I suffered from  :

 Swearing  to god even if I don’t believe in it .

God’s image haunted me from time to time  (don’t laugh ).

Doing things in a particular manner not because it was  the “right” way , but because religion told me it was the only right way to do them .

The first time I spitted on the Koran , I freaked out ( again, don’t laugh ).

 Did you have the same Symptoms ? if not , then please share !!




   And who doesn’t like beer ??  J

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Well sometimes I say "I swear to God on a stack of Bibles" but anybody that knows me will roll their eyes.


I swear to God on a stack of Bibles I saw a Youtube video where Anderson Cooper all but admitted he was gay.

so you must have drunk too much religion the previous night !!  easy Flower

LOL, yeah, I know - I get a little out of line sometimes.


No offense to Anderson Cooper. I like him as a news journalist, gay or straight or whatever.

shweet .!!
My hang over was O my God, but I now have a new and improved saying (been around forever) O My Damn. lol and yes I've had some of the same "symptoms" that you've mentioned lol. Not the Koran, but the bible. My husband dared me to tear out pages and burn them, but I couldn't. I'm a very history driven person and that was why, but for some reason it still felt like a "not right" thing to do.
thanks for sharing , Ido agree that it's not ok to spit or so on a ''holy' shit , sorry I mean book !! I had to do it though ... I kept on staring at it for a while and when I was going to put it back ,it just happened ,I spit and it felt reaally strange ,I spit again lol just to feel sober ... of course I am not going to do that again ( in front of people , for sure )
Please be careful folks. Do not mix your religions when on a night out. I went on an unholy bender last night. I ended up mixing Catholicism with Pastafarianism. I must have had a shot of Buddhism at some stage too because when I woke up this morning I had a terrible guilt complex what with all the spaghetti in the room and the sensation that I had done it all before. Maybe a shot of positive thinking will level out my Chakras. My head feels likes it a Sunday.
lucky though for not trying Islam vodka .  :-)
what's wong with them ?
Loved this post :)

and the funny thing about drunkers.. 

like when they say, nope I'm not drunk who said that? :)

LOL . crazy  people can be added to the list too !! when a doctor tells them they have some serious mental problems , '' I am not crazy '' is the usual answer ! :-)


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