Do you celebrate Halloween?

It is technically a religious festival started out pagan and now adopted by the church who are now claiming it to be the day of the devil. 

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Sometimes you just can't make it up!  I came across this effort to rename the 31st of October, "Jesusween".  Seriously? 

Sounds like a great way to hand out toilet paper.

I quit giving out candy a few years ago and now give out little Halloween theme toys.

We decorate up for autumn and come holloween i add spooky stuff. Its not something we Dutch mark in any big way but i like it. I do not see it as a religious thing as such, just a bit of fun.

I don't "celebrate" Halloween because I live in an apartment building and pretty much Halloweening is done in neighborhoods where there are houses. Never had a kid knock on my door whenever I've lived in an apartment building. 

However, were I to live in a house I'd be prepared with apples with razor blades embedded in them. Just kidding! 

Sure, I'd be prepared with something for the kids. 

I mean, atheists worrying about whether to join in the Halloween fun...atheist political correctness run amok.

I participate in Christmas, too. It brings the family together a lot more than lecturing them about the nonexistence of God would.

Sure. It's my birthday, for one, and it's also gay Christmas.

Yes I love halloween, especially the dressing up part. 

Didn't get a single Trick-or-Treater tonight. :(

I don't know about conditions out there in Missouri, but here in Northern Ohio, last night was pretty nasty. Rain and wind running 30 mph and gusting up to 40 mph. One adult was killed crossing a street while out with his kids, so some people were out.

I don't normally only get but 10 to 12 kids.

It rained earlier in the day and was a little cold, so I guess the toys will have to wait a year to find a new home.


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