Do you celebrate Halloween?

It is technically a religious festival started out pagan and now adopted by the church who are now claiming it to be the day of the devil. 

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Not really. It wasn't a custom in my country until very recently. It became common less than 10 years ago when american children tv and american corporations, as well as americans bringing the custom with them. Roughly at the same time the number of Protestant Christians started to increase. So it's been fun watching their rabid mouths about the evils of halloween and carnival.

I buy candy and leave the outside light on - but I've never had any kids stop by this place (perhaps because my door is around the side of the building).  If I had kids, I think I would enjoy finding interesting costumes for them, but perhaps I would be seen as a tyrant for strictly rationing their candy afterwards.

Here is a super cool Halloween costume that I think is brilliant:


Cool video!

By far the coolest baby costume ever

sort's one of my favorite holidays

we decorate for it and I wear my spooky jewelry all month

we don't dress up

it's more an excuse to buy pumpkins and act silly/make fun of people who believe in ghosts/laugh at "scary" B movies

not many kids come through our street so we end up eating all the candy afterward...that is the worst. i don't think we'll buy candy this year...we don't need the calories!

at work, we're all going to "dress up." for me, that just means poping on a tiny witch's hat 

I usually take the candy to work afterward.

I usually just buy a bag of candy and eat it myself.

good idea

I've traditionally spent it getting drunk at a Halloween party and having sex with a "sexy bumblebee" or some such nonsensical thing. Of course this inevitably leads to the Thanksgiving abortion and Christmas depression. I hate Halloween.

Jeff Goldblum's DNA needs work.

 Halloween is sometimes like a colorful jam session party or sometimes it goes all creepy and dark



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