Corie "Truffles" H. from Southern California is what.

Kinda nervous reaching out, but I've reached a breaking point and I'd like some guidance from those who are older and more experienced in the goings-on of the world. Any kind of confirmation that I am not the only atheist in the world would be a wonderful start. Advice on how to deal with anger over religion can come later, after I'm done making a fool of myself with my noobishness.

I have questions! Burning questions! They burn!

Hopefully I can contribute as much as I can in return.

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Hey Corie, welcome to TA.

The discussions here & the social nature of the site is awesome. I don't know about guidance, but you do get to learn a lot here.

Hi Corie:

I know where you're coming from, living in Texas.  You are not alone but it may feel like atheist are few and far between.  Being young, you are heavily pressured to fit in especially with believers.  Believe me, more often than not they don't have your best interests in mind because they think they'll get extra points in heaven if you are converter to their side.  California is of course more progressive than Texas.  Search and you'll find your niche and good, intelligent people who will understand where you are coming from.  It takes time but know you are the one living in reality and the rest of the country will eventually catch up with us.

welcome to TA dont be afraid to speak your mind everyone is listening witha logical mind so be free 

Welcome to TA!  You are definitely not alone!  We are everywhere and spreading. 

Join some groups!  Add some friends!

And look online for some atheist meetups in your area.

Definitely not the only atheist in the world!   Have fun!

Kinda nervous reaching out

You have reached out to a good community here.

Any kind of confirmation that I am not the only atheist in the world would be a wonderful start.

You are definitely not the only atheist in the world. I wouldn't be surprised if you have some atheists living near you, also feeling the same feelings you are feeling.

Advice on how to deal with anger over religion can come later

I'm still not sure about this myself, listening to people rant about it on youtube is fun but generally just highlights more things to be angry about.

I have questions! Burning questions! They burn!

I would recommend you ask your burning questions in the forums, as they allow for a better discussion between respondents than blog posts.

Hopefully I can contribute as much as I can in return.

I'm sure your point of view will be as unique as everyone else's, welcome to Think Atheist.

A very warm welcome to TA!  This site is great, be it for the people or for all the intriguing information or discussions. But you can rest easy, you are most assuredly not alone.

No noobishnesses here Truffles! No question cannot be asked no person will not be welcomed. It's o.k. to be nervous and reaching out was a great first step. As Nelson mentioned there are more of us than people realize so you are not alone. You are welcome here!

Hi Corie.  You are far from alone.  There are millions of us.  Most just never speak up.  Some even lie about what they believe.  And, when you do find other non-believers in real life, there is no guarantee that you will have anything else in common with them.

Most believers are trapped in an infantile developmental stage, which makes them difficult to deal with.  It is usually best to avoid the subject of religion when interacting with them.

This is a great place to start your search for like minds.  Go ahead and ask those burning questions, and we will serve up some piping hot answers.

As you can see, you are not alone at all. There is no shortage of advice here. 

Oooh! I love the warm glow of burning questions on a crisp winter evening. Spark one up! Let's all toss it around like a roasted chestnut and see what happens when we crack it open!

Sounds to me that you are thinking for yourself and not believing everything that people want you to.


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