Hello all,

I am a 28 year old atheist in beautiful Fort Collins, CO and brand spanking new to this site. I have joined several interesting groups so far and look forward to participating.


FoCo, luckily, is a fairly liberal town and I am able to be open about my atheism. However, not so much with my family, who all remain rooted to their religious convictions. Facebook has become treacherous territory for me as my local friends, who know I am an atheist, and my family, who don't, are all linked to my page. There are times that I would like to discuss certain news items and have to bite my tongue in fear of being found out by my family.  I once gently approached the subject with my father and he told me, with disappointment and sadness radiating from him, "I thought we raised you better than that."  I, of course, hating that I made my father feel this way, backpedaled. Though what I wish I'd said and maybe one day will say "No, you raised me to be an independent woman with a rational, freethinking mind and I thank you every day for that."


See you all about the site. Glad to be among other rational individuals!

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Hi Tiffany!  

Welcome to the site.  I recently joined this community too.  I know how you feel with being In/Out of the Atheism closet.  I am glad you have support with friends.  I have found that with my friends and family (that I do tell) think it is just a phase or I am just trying to cause problems.  I don't think they realize that I am serious about atheism and won't be changing my mind.  Hopefully one day both of us will be able to be true to ourselves to those that we love without judgement!

It's really too bad that we have to censor our true feelings and thoughts from our families.  I "came out" to my family quite a long time ago.  I've even forgotten the details it's been so long.  But my parents have said some things in the heat of the moment that they've apologized for later and while it troubles them that I am an atheist, they are at the same time proud of what I have done as a scientist, which of course was one of the big motivations for my becoming an atheist in the first place.  The more I've learned about the Universe we live in the less room I find for a deity, especially one as trivial minded as what most theists believe in.


Oh, and BTW, welcome to the group!

I too am a new member as of today.

It was tough for me because I was raised Catholic and my mother still works at the church. It took me a while to fully transform myself, years actually but I am free from that burdon forever. I do not talk to her about it anymore and when she talks of religon and such.. I just eat it and smile....Good luck!

Hi Tiffany!

Welcome to TA.  I lived in Ft. Collins while I was working on my Bachelors degree.  Great town, I miss it.  I know what you mean about facebook, I wish they would let you filter content by group (beleivers/non-beleivers/etc, lol).  I guess I am fortunate that at least one side of my family is less religious/more tolerant.  

It's good to have another rational individual on the site.

I can totally relate, I too am a half-in/half-out of the closet atheist.  Wish it were easy, but it's not.  My family is very conservative Christian and certainly makes the issue that much more difficult.


Welcome to Think Atheist!


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