Hacking Happens: Describe Life When We Have Few If Any Secrets

During the 1960s, we in the computer industry knew hackers would try to get access to information stored on computers. We knew confidentiality, or secrecy,  would require each pair of computers to have a shielded wire connection. That was impossible so the public phone circuits were chosen. Encryption became inevitable.

How will our lives change if we have few if any secrets? For the worse? For the better?

Will shame, our knowing that others know more than we now want them to know, lose its power to affect our decisions? Will anyone be able to use unspoken cultural or religious values to control what we do?

What say you?

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In some ways, it would be akin to the media becoming part of the checks and balances in government, and tort liability being more of a sword overhead than regulatory liability, etc.

IE: If there are more ways to get caught, those who don't do bad things only because they fear punishment, are proportionally discouraged.

Sexual preferences, if everyone's are known, overtime, become normalized....just as certain kinks are considered more mainstream than others, etc.

So, what used to be scandalous, becomes ho hum, over time....and so forth.

So, the risk is that as political misdeeds and backroom backstabs, etc., become exposed, they'll become normalized and we'll become inured to them(?).

BTW, the media are already called The Fourth Estate (the fourth branch of government). 

We need journalists. We don't need Wikileaks or Anonymous.

...as political misdeeds and backroom backstabs, etc., become exposed, they'll become normalized and we'll become inured to them(?).

Those who do such deeds are inured to them but may later regret them. 

Those who don't do such deeds react in varied ways, among them with shocked or unshocked disbelief, with or without empathy, with escape, becoming inured to them, with indifference, fatalism or outrage.

In a world with an abundance of "secrets" exposed... I think we will cease to care about the vast majority of things people currently care about. Couple that with the fact that an abundance of choices of secrets to learn will give us a certain level of anonymity, and I think that people will largely stay the same or become less careful with their secrets.

I have a lot of doubts about Wikileaks and Anonymous. Right now, Wikileaks seems to want to take sides in our presidential election by violating the privacy of members of just one party. There is some evidence of some collusion with Russia, willing or unwilling, by accepting data supplied by Russia. The Russians aren't even trying very hard to hide their tracks.

As for Anonymous, are we to trust a bunch of (mostly, I would assume) unelected and self-appointed naive kids sitting in their bedroom or dorm room picking sides in world affairs and attempting to fuck things up? I mean, that's a crapshoot. Today, they might do something you'd root for. Tomorrow they might ruin your life. And they are not under any supervision or control.

Neither group can prevent its revelations or "work" from hurting innocent little people. They don't seem to give much thought to it. For example, by helping Trump, were they successful, Wikileaks' document dumps could result in a conservative supreme court that would hurt women, LGBT's, and ethnic minorities for decades.

These deeds have consequences.

I heard the theory that Wikileaks think of Clinton as an enemy, but I don't know the background on that. I still have confidence in Anonymous, mostly because of their effectiveness against Scientology.

But like you say, their goals may be fickle. And other hacking groups may rise. What Russia can do should wake us up. I'll bet they like Trump for strategic reasons.

Any self-appointed group is basically a mob of vigilantes.  

Putin has accurately identified Trump as someone he can play like a harmonica. And the proof is that Clinton, in both debates, played him like a harmonica. Putin can't put anything over on Clinton with the ease he could manipulate Trump. Trump is very predictable (though he claims his secret is not to reveal his secrets). If you criticize or insult him, he goes off like a rocket. If you want his help, play up to his ego.

Play up to Trump's weak ego.

By November 9th, have him out of the way.

It's nobody's business what my passwords are.  No one should know my medical information.  Insurance is polling of risks, and should not be about selecting only the most profitible members.

In 2020, oe 2024, or beyond, if there is a theopublican president and congress, we can't suddenly remove information from the internet and everyone's servers.   It becomes free game for the hopefuls of The Handmaid's Tale.  That book was intended to be a precautionary tale, not a government guideline.  Ditto for Elysium

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  I don't have the right to read politician's emails, and they don't have the right to mine.  But if one is making use of the other, then their's should also be open.   Wikileaks should be shut down, but if they are trying to manipulate the election by digging for democratic dirt, fair game should mean doing the same to the Trumpublicans.

I do not now have the  means to read politicians' emails. They do now have the means to read mine.

Welcome to the long struggle for democracy.


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