In a previous post I expressed my lack of time for religion and even bothering with debating religious persons.

However one thing I do care about is providing advice to the LGBT community and I do that in person or on a popular Q&A website.

As the title suggests, this thread is about guilty gay theists. What do you tell a gay person who feels guilty for being gay due to religious beliefs?

Do you tell them to drop their religion? To perhaps reevaluate their faith? All of these anti-gay beliefs contradict reality, no matter what way you look at it.

But I can't help but wonder that dealing with giving advice to such persons may cause worse problems in the process. We all know how emotionally attached most theists tend to be towards their beliefs.

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Keith, did you ever see the extraordinary video of Matthew Vines talking to a religious convention about his research into the subject (he is gay and a christian).  I don't know if it will help you with these guilty gay theists, but I thought it was worth a shot in case you think it does.

Thank you for that, I didn't quite get through all of this video, watched about half of it

But he makes some very good arguments to how a Christian can be acceptant of his or her sexuality. I think these arguments could be used for theists who feel guilty about their sexuality in reference to their religion 

I was hoping that it would help you in your counseling.  Clearly I think it would be best to just drop god into the disposal unit, but that doesn't resolve the issue you raised.  This video, I think might help gay christian theists with their dichotomy.

Good luck with your efforts, Keith, I'm sure the LGBT community really appreciates your thoughtful input.

Clearly I think it would be best to just drop god into the disposal unit,

before doing this check your owners manual and make sure it is okay to run the unit while nothing is in it.

Good call :)

Usually, so long as you are running water into the unit, you should be ok.  Call it: "Death by Baptism!"

I guess the "biblical times" analogue would be getting baptized in a stream infested with piranhas.

That's it.  From now on I shall refer to the disposal unit as The Dismal Baptismal.

Jesus didn't have a girlfriend and hung out with a bunch of guys who didn't seem to have any girlfriends either.  I suppose they could have all been asexual.

The great christian god "the father" seems to be missing a goddess as well. He decided to torture women with childbirth. WTF dude?

Perhaps speaking to the evolution of christian values on other moral issues to give them perspective on the fallibility of Christianity. If you're not going for a deconversion, then you have to undermine fundamentalism and push the theology that allows mellow Christians to accept gays. 

This very issue has often contributed to suicides by gay teenagers (and probably other age ranges of gays as well).

I know many people hew to the idea that it's not the religion per se that is evil, but rather some of the people who practice it, but in this particular case the belief itself--planted in the mind of a child before he hit adolescence and realized he was gay--causes an utterly needless suicide.  Yes, some ideas are evil.


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