Think Atheist's mission is to spread the word about atheism with hand-to-hand, life style stores drops, posters and sticker promotion. Services Colleges: • Hand-to-Hand distribution • College sporting events • Posters on and around campus • Car windshields Guerrilla and Street Marketing: • Freeway over pass sniping • Sticker sniping • Pole sniping • Telephone sniping Concerts and Clubs: • Hand-to-Hand • Car windshields • Posters around event or club Life Style Store Drops: • Flyers and posters in stores • Sniping inside of books at a book store.

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I made some stickers with "A social network that actually thinks:" on them, and slapped em up around my campus. I went home this weekend and put some around my mall, too.
I'm going to start putting flyers inside of atheist related books at some local bookstores.
Oh that's a good idea!
very good idea.
awesome guys I am going to make an official post about this stuff soon.
I cant make stickers out here but if I could get some I would slap them all over the COB out here. lol
I leave this site up in class...and when she gets irritated, my professor will direct attention to my computer. Advertising the site =)
lol Theresa that is great!
Hey, you guys know those little ads that you see on grocery store bulletin boards with the tear away phone numbers? I used the business card design and created one of those with the web address for anyone who wants to print a few up to distribute here and there. Let me know what you guys think.
very cool Patricia! Thanks!
I'm going to go have a shirt or two made. (It's Asia, so cheap to do)

Not sure how well it will work, since most people here don't read English, but I'm sure there are some tourists that would love an excuse to stare at my chest!
New here but thought I would just hop on in anyway. What I think is needed is a simple flyer that can be on cheap paper and can print a hundred + at a time and drop them all over, in religious books, local bulletin boards, clubs and such. Stickers and all that are fine, but I think you need to big and overwhelming and getting some of these cheap print shops to do them. Simple design, low in cost, preferably in B&W. Just a thought.



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