A particular image keeps reappearing in news images of protests against a Mosque at Ground Zero. It states 'You can Build a Mosque at Ground Zero when we can build a Synagogue in Mecca'.

I fail to see the validity of the argument. Any thoughts?

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I um....don't know anything about Judaism history, other then the Torah.
Are we going to define right and wrong by what the Saudis do? What's next? Lets get rid of freedom of speech until North Korea allows it!
When Jesus comes back and slaughters all the Muslims, then the Jews will have a synagogue in Mecca...but, then, maybe not, for he would be killing people who pray to his daddy. Or will Jesus lead the Christians, who worship him, and kill his daddy's chosen people, the Jews?
The protester seems not to realize the US doesn't run the world. Muslims in a country granting freedom of religion are expected to wait for changes in a different country before being allowed to worship freely. There's such a severe lack of intelligence in the concept.
I think the protester is just making a point. That point being... Listen you bunch of f*****-in-the-head radical Muslims - take your Mosque and sh****....oops I need to bring it down a few notches, don't I?
Because YOU KNOW the radical Muslims DO LOOK at the Mosque "near" Ground Zero as a proud victory!

Is it legal? Yes. Is it within their rights?... of course. Is it right --.. H*** F*** NO!

Two blocks is too close! I'd say 10 blocks would be a lot more acceptable. Yes that's right, 10 blocks; sometimes a little distance can make a big difference.

I don't trust that Iman. He seems sneaky to me. Call it woman's intuition or whatever you want to call it. Call it bigory or racisim.... because what you call it does not matter - what matter's is I'm still very angry about 9/11.


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