This is the final straw. How many died at Ground Zero. I cannot imagine how I would feel knowing that people will be praying at the very site to a god who through their belief of him had a part in this evil event,..if I had lost a loved one.
 Is this the beginning of the end.
 What do you think?

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They pray to the same god as Christians. Should all churches that worship the Abrahamic god be banned? This would include all Christian churches.

And just how many blocks away is acceptable? This particular mosque and religious center is two blocks away. Would four blocks suffice? Six? Forty? Where does that arbitrary line get drawn? Why?

This is not the beginning to the end nor the end to the beginning. It just is what it is.
I agree with everything you said.
Reggie in for the intellectual kill!

completely agree.
Yet another "take our country back" nutcase. Listen: even we atheists agree that this country has something called religious freedom. There is nothing extremist about the Muslim sect that wants to build their cultural center 2 blocks away from Ground Zero. Muslim-American lives were lost in the 9/11 attacks, too. Don't throw all Muslims in with the nutjobs who orchestrated the attacks.
Please do not use ad hom attacks; it is against T|A guidelines. You make a good point in your rebuttall, but only after you sully yourself by resorting to name calling right out of the gate.
I certainly have Muslims friends here in the UK but I believe that mosques can sometimes encourage the young to have wrong ideas about what is right and what is wrong.
As I am against separate praying to different gods as wrong as it increases segregation of people. WHy not build a community centre for all so that they can learn from each other,and not breed hatred to one group or make us all feel different. We all come in to this world the same way and leave it the same way, .
I certainly am not against free speech but just think the location is wrong.
I hope sincerely I am wrong and hope this brings all peoples together to celebrate difference but not to make one feel any better than the next person.
First off, I apologize for the name-calling. It was totally uncalled-for and there was no excuse for it.

But from what I've read, this is more than just a mosque and more of a community center. Even the people behind it want others to visit so they can learn more about Islam and expand their horizons. I can think of nothing better to build in that location.
George we are on the same wavelength. You have put it brilliantly with compassion. Have religion by all means but let it tell the truth as it is and not keep up the fairy stories we have been spun and those with an agenda to bring neighbour against neighbour.
this is an issue which is being used for political gain by conservative politicians that are trying to get elected.

This is the reason I am completely desensitized to the term "9/11". It is not that I do not care that 3,000 or so people died that day or that it was an "attack" on American soil. It is just that the event has been used and abused by too many politicians, e.g. Rudy Giuliani, for me to even feel any sense of loss at all. To me, the true tragedy is no longer the attack which occurred, but the fact that the way that many politicians have profited off of and made career advances off of the deaths of all who died that day. It makes me cringe every time someone mentions "9/11".

I am not a New Yorker and did not have any personal contact with the event, like yourself Adriana. But I do not think that my sentiments about this would change at all if I were closer to the events that occurred on that day. I say it is time to stop using ground zero as a political battleground once and for all (and I am not talking about the use of it by the Muslims as a political battleground). This use of ground zero should make people more upset then any shrine that is being built within any proximity of the site.
lol....when Lois ran for president of the school board, that's how she won. I love family guy.
Yes politicians have made wrong decisions, one or two bad eggs use anything for their own ends, but lets not tarnish all of them.
Wars will never be won for the rest of time but they will continue.
Why not have a building for all faiths and non faiths to gather.
I went to a convent during WW2,being a jewish girl, mixing with all race and religion. We never bothered with who was who or what our beliefs were, we were just young girls, learning and playing together.
I am an atheist and will be one until I see everyone acting this way, and a good god is proved and when killings and hatred cease to exist...


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