Did a search and did not find any reference to on this site. Amazing Atheist Rapper Greydon Square I found out about somehow. Since I enjoy all types of music I think some here may like it also. Nice to see someone with such talent, an atheist and sings about it and does his raps very intelligently. Here is a link to one of his songs at youtube.

Greydon Square - Squared


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I bought his album a couple years ago after meeting him in DC. Great music.
I had this CD shortly after it came out, I just don't recall how I heard of him. Probably getting his follow up CD to this one, I know there is one prior to this Album but can't seem to find it anywhere that's a Canadian retailer. I will just keep my eye out.
Jeez, how come my Blog about him on this site didn't get this much attention?


Where were all you guys then?

He's my new second favorite rapper (I doubt anyone will ever top Joe Budden on my list), he's immensely talented, great flow, phenominal lyricist. He's the total package.
I would have just posted to your blog, but when I did a search I didn't get any hits and put in a few terms but anyway good post, enjoyed it.

Slightly off topic, I have this thing about Hardcore French Muslim Rap, sort of reminds me of this C&W song Hello Vietnam sung by Kitty Wells and Johnnie Wright, I just love the song, but find the lyrics offensive, still good music, hate the messages but love the messengers about the best way I can put it.
No biggie, I was just a bit surprised to see this topic pop up all the sudden, I figured there was no interest when I posted my Blog and no one responded.

Anyway, Greydon's definitely a great talent, I'm a big fan of Extian


All his stuff is great. I implore anyone even slightly interested to buy both of his albums. You can get both for under 15 bucks and I promise you won't be disappointed. Fantastic stuff.
He is wonderful! I heard him when he was on Point of Inquiry and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast.


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