Hi everyone,


My name is Remy and I am a 22 year old student from South Africa. I have been an atheist for about a year now (I was previously Roman Catholic) and I must say, it is such a pleasure to have somewhere to speak to like-minded people.


I'm looking forward to seeing how other people think about atheism and their views on the world. I'm sure I will learn a lot here and hopefully contribute as well!


I am a MASSIVE Stephen Fry fan, if their are any others out there, make yourselves known :D I think I have pretty much covered the basics, hope to chat to lots of you soon!



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Welcome to TA, enjoy your time here.

Where at in SA?  My wife is South African and I lived there for a year in Joburg.  I miss the food!


Welcome to TA :)

You're from where I believe Richard Dawkins' is from!!!!

I am curious, what are the demographics like in the area which you live?

Hey there Remy. Good to hear from you.


Where are you from in RSA? I was there back in 2009 for the British & Irish Lions tour, as you can probably gather from my profile picture... I loved the country and am looking to head back at some time soon, though it seemed pretty clear to me it's a very religious country. I have a few stories about religion from my time in South Africa, but they can wait for another day.


Also, it'd be curious to hear how and why you came to dis-believe in a god, especially coming from a Roman Catholic background. I always find these stories very interesting.

I'm in Cape Town. :) Welcome to T|A!

Welcome to Think Atheist Remy. We have another very active member here from South Africa. I'll send him a PM and let him know about you so he can say hi, in case he has not come across you yet.



The meerkat is talking about me!  Howzit bru!


I was born in South Africa and visit often. I joburg boy by birth but a Capetonian by heart. I was just in CT last month and had the most amazing time. Biltong, boero, etc...I miss ZA.

Anyway, glad you are here and glad to see several other South Africans here too!

Welcome to the site! (there is a chat bar at the bottom of the page lots of people tend to miss completely!) :)

Hey Remy!


I'm in Hartbeespoort, but don't hold that against me:P I moved here from CT in Feb for work at Pelindaba, and must say that life in NW Province is a lot more... alienating... for an atheist than Cape Town is. Not sure what it's like in Jo'burg? Here there are signs every kilometre or so telling you about how God is judging you, or "Harties for Jesus" bumper stickers and pamphlets.


Not to mention work, where if you look like a duck and walk like a duck, then you must believe in God.


But that's what's great about T|A.. I get to come home and lurk a bit and remember that there are normal people in the world:P Welcome:) 


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