Okay folks, we are all secure atheists, right? This question is just for fun! What religious themed songs have you caught yourself singing along with, or at least taping your foot to?  Here are two songs that get me every time:  Three Wooden Crosses sung by Randy Travis & Jesus Take the Wheel sung by Carrie Underwood.

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K.d. Lang sings Hallelujah at 2010 Olympics

I can't describe it...there are places in this song that transcend what music should be able to do.

Heavenly Bank Account, Dumb All Over, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, Lonesome Cowboy Burt (the Swaggart Version), Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk-  All from Frank Zappa and on youtube- good funny stuff.

The Number of the Beast- from Iron Maiden


More to what you are asking...

The Blood, Sweat and Tears version of Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child" 

Victor Wooten's bass solo version of "Amazing Grace"

John McLaughlin and Shakti- "What need have I for this?-What need have I for that?- I am dancing at the feet of my Lord- All is bliss-All is Bliss". 29.03 minutes of blazing Indian/jazz fusion rhythms- and one of the longest song titles as well.


As a musician I have to play everything put in front of me. I have to make it sound as good as I can whether or not I like and/or agree with the words. When not on the mic, which is most of the time, I make up my own words or just ignore them.


I listen to mainly instrumental music - lots of jazz (funky jazz, bebop, post-bop, modern, free, avant garde experimental noise, trad jazz, big band, swing). Rock (all varieties 50's to current). Symphonic music- I prefer 20th century (Stravinsky, Vareese, Cage) to classics (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven). Funk, Motown, R&B, Blues, country, Brazillian sambas and bossa's, Cuban/Latin salsa, and other "ehtnic/folk/cultural/tribal" music from around the world (of which I don't understand the words anyway)- A bit of Opera (that so far is the hardest for me to get my ears around) and of course top-40 from the 30's to current (although I find most pop music quite bland and simple).


With instrumental music, even if the title is religious, the melody and chords are not, so it can mean whatever you hear it as. Words give a song a more "concrete" direction and meaning.

I can get past bad lyrics (secular or religious) if the musicianship is of a high caliber.  

I personally like complex, difficult to play music, that only the most excellent musicians can acheive - intricate melodies, advanced chord structure, altered harmonies, metric modulations and poly-rhythms. Musician's music. 

I like simple/pop music as well but to me it seems like the difference between reading "See Spot Run" and "The Elegant Universe". 

Both well written. lol. But one is definately deeper on every level of consciousness and understanding. It takes more effort to understand and can be hard at first, but in the end a much more rewarding and valuble experience.


"Jesus take the wheel" LOL

That reminds me of a Don't Drink and Drive commercial where the drunk guy hands his keys to Stevie Wonder. I might be naive, but a drunk person can still drive better than a blind person, and in either case, unlike co-pilot Jesus, somebody is actually there to take the wheel.






Spirit in the Sky & People get Ready

haha nailed it!!

Imagine could be the Athiest's theme song!

this cant be topped

Ave Maria in latin guarantee to  raise  back of the neck hairs


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