Hey guys, I need some debating advice. I'm being emailed by a Creationists from another website. I basically tried my best to explain to him why evolution is the best explanation for the origin of the species on Earth, explained to him that it is a gradual process.

He is now claiming that the only reason scientists claim that is gradual just so they can back it up. I don't accept that.

How do I put in simple words exposing the evidence that it is indeed a gradual process.

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Ask the creationist to pinpoint the exact moment when biologically he ceased to be a child and started to be an adult. This moment happened, and it was gradual, natural, and he experienced it firsthand.

The process of change within a species, or the evolution of one species into another, is similar in principle, only it happens gradually across generations, rather than within the span of a single lifetime.

If he still doesn't believe it, point out that animal breeding IS evolution, guided by human selection in kennels and on farms instead of by natural selection in the wild. For example, many purebred dogs, such as the Boston Terrier, have paper trails tracing their linage back to single individuals who started the breed, who in turn are genetically traceable back to the domesticated gray wolf.

Actually, maturity doesn't happen "in a moment." Rather it's like going from twilight to morning in a city. "Light dawns gradually over the whole," an expression used by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein to describe the process of gaining understanding of something..

Actually, maturity doesn't happen "in a moment."

Exactly. It's a gradual process.

Here is a video that might be worth a look (BBC Horizon clip)

One of the best visual examples, I think anyway, of gradual evolution (also known as micro evolution).   

Yeah I just read one of the guys posts on Yahoo Answers, I hadn't realised he was this fallacious.  I thought he was at least trying to educate himself by reading up on it.  Wheather he did or not, he doesn't understand very much of what he was allegedly reading. 

Creationists have proved yet again that they just don't care about the truth.  They like to make it seem like they care but they are not really listening at all. 

He "once stood for Evolution”? If he does the same for gravity will he fall down?

Lol he fell down a long time ago Reg, thats the problem


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