Tattoos have become common place these days and have changed a great deal since I got my first tattoo in 1970. It cost me $15. at a Trailways Bus stop in Kentucky where there was also a funky tattoo parlor.... No artists were working there, you just chose your tattoo design from a poster on the wall and they stenciled it on and colored it in. There were few 'feminine' tattoo choices available, women in those days were not part of their customer base.

Here is my before and final tattoo transformation that was completed 12/2009.

Looking forward to seeing your choice for Tattoos, please show them off in this discussion!

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Here's my tattoo. When I was 20, I packed up my car, took my 'savings' of $300, my credit card (max of $500 at the time), and drove cross-country to Phoenix, Arizona because my life was crap (about the time I began to question things and identify as an atheist) and I wanted to 'rise from the ashes' of my former life and begin anew. It worked! I got a job the same day I drove into town (I'd never been to Phoenix before and didn't even have a place to stay), took the job offer letter across the road to an apartment complex, and got an apartment.


I left Arizona a couple of years ago, and moved to Ohio. I got the tattoo there because I wanted a reminder that no matter how bad life seems, one can always rise again from those ashes. It proved prophetic, because earlier this summer I moved back, again, with literally nothing but a suitcase (stupid boys and their hookers). But  you know what? Everything is A-OK. People are resilient, I am strong, and nothing illustrates that better than the Phoenix.


Latest addition, much more to do. Enjoy!

Here is some existing work:

Don't think I shared this here.. Don't remember hahaha... anyway Sadly I don't  have any decent tattoo pictures, working in a tattoo shop maybe kills some of the exitement. xD It is me getting inked there, and my boss fillling in some color on the sleeve.

I can't by the life of me find a decent photo of any of the others, or of the dragon colored in.. I need to do something about that.. Suppose the store would have one in the tattooist portfolio.

Should maybe add that this photo is like 3 years old.

Here's my tattoo. Pictured is the cross of questioning which to me represents skepticism over faith. I inverted the symbol so that the question mark is aright and the cross is inverted. That's because as I questioned my beliefs I turned my entire worldview upside down. I now sometimes refer to myself as the architect of apostasy. The cross of questioning is also a symbol for a band I like called Devildriver. Listen to Monsters of the deep, it's awesome!

This tattoo has another special meaning, I have a personal connection with the artist.

I decided to get this tattoo after I became an atheist a couple years ago (I didn't actually get it until earlier this year). Coming out as an atheist in my highly religious family brought me to the lowest place I've ever been in my life thusfar. The bird soaring through the clouds represents my rising above my family's influence and the immense freedom that I now have in every area of my life. The yellow rose represents true friendship and loyalty, of which I was forced to find in myself during that time.

I know the most recent use of this quote was from a political speech by the fascist Mussolini and before that Alexander the Great and Tipu Sultan, but I interpreted a more religious meaning.

It strikes me as a religious statement as well...

This will make it easier to see :)Actually the original was "a hundred years" but I thought this had more punch, lol.


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