I cannot participate in a forum where I am censored. The admins here are censoring my right to free speech out of a ridiculous sense of PC-soaked idiocy (based probably on requests for censorship raised by Reg the Fronkey Farmer and Gallup's Mirror)

The fact that the welfare state induces dysgenics based on IQ has been proven many times over. Human biological diversity is also true. If I am not even allowed argue my case, then what is the point of having a debate? I am not even allowed to reply to accusations of racism that have been levelled against me.

I have no doubt that Reg and Gallup will continue thinking of themselves as open-minded even after this incident - they have the ability to believe whatever it is they want to believe.

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I kinda liked the guy. Fundie? Maybe. But he kept things interesting.

I find it interesting that he was moaning about censorship after he apparently deleted six pages of public discussion about the nature of free will (which now exists only in Google cache.)

Hypocrite? Definitely.

Sorry Gallup. I missed it from those links. What makes him a hypocrit? I don't see the connection. I'm a little slow, lol

A hypocrite acts in contradiction to his own stated beliefs or feelings.

Civi quit over what he called censorship (quashing or destroying the expression of others) after apparently torching six pages of material authored mostly by other TA members.

I always see the good in people. All people. I don't like watching anyone get dragged through the mud. Anyone. I have empathy for all people, even people who have committed horrendous crimes. Afterall I used to escort murderers and rapists to the hospital... All people have some good.

Civi may be a great guy in every other respect. But in this one, he's a racial bigot. Whatever mud he ended up in was his own doing.

Gallup: RE.....But in this one, he's a racial bigot.
Belle: Those are very strong words Gallup. Are you sure?


What is it specifically that you're trying to point out?

That Civi's own beliefs, which he stated openly and repeatedly, fit the definition of racism and bigotry.

Racism is the belief that members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race which distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race.

A bigot is someone who, as a result of prejudice, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance.

Civi argued (and failed) to support his belief that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites based on genetics. This is racism. He also referred to black people using contemptuous, stereotypical terms ("barbarians", "thugs", "on welfare", etc.) based on this failed argument (which is prejudice). This is bigotry.

That Civi denies or refuses to admit it, doesn't mean it's not true.

You made me feel too black and backwardly barbaric, a drug and a sex slave. I had , for amoment, forgotten that I am a husband, a father, a professional and above all a Free-thinking  atheist. Bye Civ. Salute to bravety, maturity and positive engagement shown by the members of this forum esp.Reg, Gallup and ED. Hew! I was just feeling very inferior right there

As I read Civ's diatribes I couldn't help but think of a few tunes:

"Ground control to Major Tom..."

"Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love..."

"And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon..."

"Giant steps are what you take walking on the moon..."

Just wow!!! in 2014...

I guess I consider 'mean' people as unhappy and hard to be around, needing a kind shoulder to cry on, and with whom we should share a long moment of blithering. Was 'Civ' being 'mean'? 

I expect that Atheists 'cry', and have remarkably 'bad days', or even 'bad years', others no less so.

I know I have been taxed by my disability of 'limited/worn out' sympathy, but I am nearly daily reminded how much it is needed.


Here, it's not so much what you say so much as how you say it. I get away with a lot by simply taking care how I say things. 


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