If people like this, maybe we can keep it going.
I need some cheering up, so I'm going to list three things that are good in my life.
You do the same.
Oh yeah. It doesn't have to be three. Pick any number that suits you, and list a few 'good things' in your life right now.

1) My family.
I have a wonderful husband. Since he can't legally bring in a paycheck right now, he goes the distance taking care of the house. Every dish is ALWAYS washed, the laundry is ALWAYS done, and he ALWAYS greets me with a kiss when I get home from work. We knew I wouldn't be able to get much rest today because I'm working OT, so he even cooked dinner so I could sleep in!
2) My education.
No matter what, I have an internet connection, so I have an education.
3) Health.
No one in my family needs immediate medical care.
That's actually pretty huge, considering the state of our economy.

Right. Your turn. Consider it a social experiment.

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1. I didn't wake up dead this morning. 2. My basset hound was singing along with the chickens' morning "the sky is falling" squawk fest. 3. My wife gave me a hug and a kiss this morning.
Hey Misty.

My family and friends...(like you) are a big part of the good things in my life. My life experience and the open mind I both inherited and have worked hard to open further. The wonderful people I have had the great fortune to meet and spend time with in this lifetime. My wife who has taken me places I never would have gone on my own. I actually love to go and see new places and things largely because of her! My son who continues to astonish me with his general positive outlook despite going through things that would mortally depress most people. This beautiful state of arkansas with its hills and creeks and rivers, waterfalls, wildlife, caverns, diamond mine, lakes, hot springs, etc....

I can go on and on.

Love ya Misty...hope things get better soon!
1. Youtube.I'm able to watch my favourite couple of tv without having to watch the boring bits.

2. Books.I have a thick book to read so it will hopefully keep me busy for a while but if it doesn't I've got a couple of other books I can read.

3. Horse-riding.I go once a week.Last week and today I absolutely loved my canter.I get very excited about my canter,it's weird but I can't help myself.I was sitting very straight,barely moving with my heels down and toes up.

I'll think of more later.
1. It's the summer which is a huge relief after a very stressful semester.
2. I got two jobs without applying or interviewing and it will be nice to finally have money.
3. Hmmm that's really all I have. I need to make some friends.
...in no particular order...

1) My wife, whom I love so very much.

2) Education/thirst for knowledge. To this day I am the only member of my family to have gone to college. I still love learning and reading good books to learn more.

3) Work. I have a job doing what I like to do, and allows me to have fun.

4) Family. My parents and brother are great. While I don't see them as often since I got a house. It's always nice to get together.

5) Health. Although my eye sight is far from perfect, I hardly ever get sick. In the past 7 years I've only ever had to take off sick about 5 times.

6) Life. I'm alive and love it. Every day may not be perfect, and there may be challenges. But the journey itself is amazing.

7) Pets. Our cats can test our patience at times, but they are like members of the family and can cheer you up when you're feeling down.

I know there is more... But those are some basics. :)


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