I'm interested in learning more about the bible (not the contents, but the authorship), but I've found that a lot of the websites and 'documentaries' are theistic in nature.


Can anyone recommend a good documentary series (preferably someone like BBC) that looks at the history of the bible itself?


Many thanks in advance.

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A terrific book (might be out of print):  "The Bible Reader"

Abbreviation: TBR
Released: 1969
Contents: Old Testament, Apocrypha, New Testament
Source Used: Bruce Publishing Company and Geoffrey Chapman Ltd. (1969)
Location: Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom

This is an interfaith interpretation with notes from Catholic, Protestant and Jewish traditions, and references to art, literature, history and the social problems of modern man. It was prepared by Walter M. Abbott, S. J.; Rabbi Arthur Gilbert; Rolfe Lanier Hunt; and J. Carter Swaim.

The editors of this work came together in the early 1960's in a conviction that the preparation of citizens for life today requires an acquaintance with the Bible. Before starting their work, they asked themselves a number of questions regarding which passsages to include. Then they selected the ones most associated with their respective religious observances and beliefs. Attention was called to passages that have produced varied denominational emphases.

While they were working, two things happened to confirm and widen their efforts. The first was that the role of the public school in dealing with religion was clarified by the Supreme Court in 1963 in its decision in the cases of Abington vs. Schempp. The second was that pronouncements from the Vatican Council reflected and furthered a climate encouraging people of different faiths to intensify their studies in cooperation with each other. The notes of this work recognize that at this time scholars in Ugaritic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin are reaching an increasing agreement as to the exact wording and meaning of the early texts.

Thanks to you both, I'll look them up. Appreciated.
I would suggest after reading the books above, watch a documentary called "Zeitgeist"
First chapter of the first season.


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