Right so according to any religion I know of, we are all going to "Hell" for not believing in "god".
But - just looking at the bible - we aren't the only ones...
(Obviously criminals that murder, rape, steal, etc... but also)
'Rebellious' teenagers,
Women who aren't virgins before they marry,
Women who speak in church,
The entire LGBT community,
People of other religions,
People addicted to drugs/alcohol,
Anyone who eats an animal without hooves - that doesn't chew the cud,
People who masturbate,
And many, many more!

To me; this list just sums up that biblical values are in fact barbaric! The person/people who wrote this book had the IQ of a chipmunk! Seriously - what other explanation is there apart from someone being so closed-minded that they could not 'allow' others to be or do things that was different to what he/they (I presume male chipmunks wrote this due to constant sexism) was/were...
I mean, just 'cause someone is different doesn't mean that they should be subjected to eternal damnation!

Anyway; what are your views on this? What other possible reasons can you come up with to explain these so-called 'values'?

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at the time these ancient scriptures were written, there was wide-spread ignorance regarding basic hygiene and nutrition, there was limited policing of the masses, so robbery, rape and crime in general was a common, daily event.
to offset this state, the 'powers that be' decided to attempt to frighten people into doing the 'right' thing ('healthy'?) by telling those that believed their priests and holy men that it was against god's will to rob and rape, steal and kill. eating pork was 'evil.' (because 'god said so', pork goes bad fast in hot, sunny environments and causes disease which leads to death.)
a lot of the rules and traditions were really just common sense of the times. which was severly lacking, for the most part, in the masses. what better way to force an ignorant, superstitious people to adopt healthier living habits or face the wrath of their god, who they were taught to fear, above all else?
over the centuries, like everything else, entropy sets in, and religion becomes redundant, as knowledge blossoms. unfortunately, it has yet to blossom for many who are trapped in the dark ages, fear-bound and ever faithful.
i am not of the 'faithful' - but i do have hope.
knowing there are others, and many of them, who know and live in freedom from superstitious belief systems gives me confidence in the process of evolution.
thank you, atheist kin!


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