Right so according to any religion I know of, we are all going to "Hell" for not believing in "god".
But - just looking at the bible - we aren't the only ones...
(Obviously criminals that murder, rape, steal, etc... but also)
'Rebellious' teenagers,
Women who aren't virgins before they marry,
Women who speak in church,
The entire LGBT community,
People of other religions,
People addicted to drugs/alcohol,
Anyone who eats an animal without hooves - that doesn't chew the cud,
People who masturbate,
And many, many more!

To me; this list just sums up that biblical values are in fact barbaric! The person/people who wrote this book had the IQ of a chipmunk! Seriously - what other explanation is there apart from someone being so closed-minded that they could not 'allow' others to be or do things that was different to what he/they (I presume male chipmunks wrote this due to constant sexism) was/were...
I mean, just 'cause someone is different doesn't mean that they should be subjected to eternal damnation!

Anyway; what are your views on this? What other possible reasons can you come up with to explain these so-called 'values'?

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"People who masturbate"
Guess that's everybody then!
Heaven must be one lonely place.
If you're a good boy tho you get 72 virgins :)
To do what with, exactly? I hope you can get married in Heaven, otherwise all those virgins are totally useless. :-(
except for the girls in somalia :(
*sigh* I went straight to Hell with the first two :-(

Organized religion and the "values" they hold so near and dear were nothing more than an inspired way for the people in charge to keep themselves in power and in control of the masses. They impose their own sense of morality on those they rule by threatening suffering, death, and then punishment that exists beyond death (and indeed into eternity) for not keeping with those values. As someone posted previously, it kept their pockets lined with gold and their beds full.

From a pure survival standpoint, though, some of the rules that seem ridiculous and outdated in modern times actually made sense in terms of the world that existed when texts such as the Christian Bible were created. Rules about what food you could and couldn't eat were practical advice made mandatory by the threat of punishment by an all-knowing and all-powerful being. The reality is that eating certain foods was potentially deadly, and such rules existed to keep people alive.

Even values about sexuality and reproduction make sense when you think of them in context. Prostitutes were exposed to many different people and communicable diseases. Avoiding them meant not getting sick. Christianity's focus on purity and virginity could have stemmed from this, as well. Less sexual partners equals less chance of disease and a higher chance of healthy, viable offspring.

Homosexual unions (a hot-button issue, I know) do not produce children. In an ancient world with a much smaller population where your work force and livelihood depended upon family, a union that could never result in children wasn't practical. Lifespans were short and family groups depended on the next generation for survival. So, "values" were invented to discourage it.

I'm not a historian, though I do have an amateur interest in anthropology and archaeology, so please remember that all of the above is based totally on my personal opinion and observation. My point is that, though impractical and outdated today, some of these "ridiculous" values may have been set in place for more practical reasons that were turned into moral issues over the centuries.

Thanks Tera, for the reply... I guess I'd never thought about that way...
The problem now is; people are still stupid enough to believe it, and though most people can accept that these verse are outdated - so you should go around on a killing spree, there are some who still hold on to the "values"...
A good summery.
The only problem with this is that religion is using mind control to inforce common sense practice. Maybe the ruling classes realized that the majority of humanity was stupid; as Terry Practett put it, if you had a button in a cave somwhere and a sign next to it saying 'end of the world button, do not press' the paint wouldnt have had a chance to dry. Maybe Humanity needs a unquestioning leader to follow as to not kill itself in a mildly amusing manner. But then there might be a better way of governing the mindless masses rather than using lies. The end does not justify the means.
Unfortuntely, i think that the end of humanity will either be very amusing or very depressing. (Either a comady or tragidy play, take your pick)
Absolutely brilliant! It's amazing(and sad) that more people don't see the bible and other holy books for what they really are. I've lost a lot of facebook friends over the years for calling them out on their bullshit when they post scriptures and other god-babble. Then again, who needs 'em, right?
It's ironic too that God is a male, with a small dick.
There are only 144,000 seats available in heaven and no one is being let in until Jesus returns (which was supposed to happen during the lifetime of the authors of the NT). Hell is going to be so full of fundamentalists who couldn't get a seat in heaven that there will be no room for us non-believers.

The rules of religion are there to scare you into following the church leaders. Tolerance for not following means people could exercise free will and leave the church. That is unacceptable to an institution built on fear.
Religion creates the disease to offer the cure. That is my single sole point of hatred for monotheism.
ALL religion is fear worship.


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