Just thought i would share the craziness that is currently going in in South African politics at the moment. President Jacob Zuma is in deep water over comments that voting for opposition parties is a vote for "Hell"



Absolutely magic! and the best part is that rather than being upset over the fact that this is a clear breach of the seperation of church and state, people are more concerned with the fact that this is blasphemy!

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Magic indeed, in two ways: It's a trick, and still it convinces people. Perhaps we need to go further and actually have fully secular government.

This is the thing that gets to me as well. Basically he is using religious threats to convince people to vote for his party. Seems a little nasty. We are supposed to be a secular state!


but i take your point, this is in theory but the practice is very different.

and we, in theory, have complete freedom of religion.


  1. Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.

  2. Religious observances may be conducted at state or state-aided institutions, provided that ­
    1. those observances follow rules made by the appropriate public authorities;
    2. they are conducted on an equitable basis; and
    3. attendance at them is free and voluntary.



It seems that the problem of freedom of religion in government is that the leader figures' religion is generally the norm, and even unintentionally that religion can become favored over the others. If a government were secular, that is, no denial OR support of religion, no handling of it it all in fact, then the favoring of religions would go directly to the people. On the other hand, that might not be a good thing.
This is true, i think that the leaders religion is likely to be a reflection of the religion of the populace as well as influencing the religion of the populace . This is a problem for religious freedom but i also think that it provides leaders with a point of leverage from which they can operate. Why talk about the issues when you can simply imply that god wants you to vote in this way?
Jacob Zuma..isnt he the same fella who wants to get rid of homosexuals?
I didnt hear about that? He did, however, say that he had a shower after unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman and so he wouldnt become infected.


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