Right so according to any religion I know of, we are all going to "Hell" for not believing in "god".
But - just looking at the bible - we aren't the only ones...
(Obviously criminals that murder, rape, steal, etc... but also)
'Rebellious' teenagers,
Women who aren't virgins before they marry,
Women who speak in church,
The entire LGBT community,
People of other religions,
People addicted to drugs/alcohol,
Anyone who eats an animal without hooves - that doesn't chew the cud,
People who masturbate,
And many, many more!

To me; this list just sums up that biblical values are in fact barbaric! The person/people who wrote this book had the IQ of a chipmunk! Seriously - what other explanation is there apart from someone being so closed-minded that they could not 'allow' others to be or do things that was different to what he/they (I presume male chipmunks wrote this due to constant sexism) was/were...
I mean, just 'cause someone is different doesn't mean that they should be subjected to eternal damnation!

Anyway; what are your views on this? What other possible reasons can you come up with to explain these so-called 'values'?

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Imagine how Shiva masturbated with his six or so hands :D
Like a fucking god!
What are you talking about? The people who wrote those books weren't idiots. They obviously were fucking geniuses! Could you come up with such a lie and actually have billions of people believe it, even after thousands of years? No. Neither could I. Those people had some seriously evil genius minds. I envy them. They made up such nonsense, but if you look close at it they calculated everything, they made sure that they can control every aspect of life with their lie. Imagine how awesome it must feel to know that people don't even jack off because you don't want them to ;D
Yeah, but that never actually works like that. People (especially guys) who actually believe this will just "wrestle with the demon" for a few days before they give into nature... I mean "sin." Then they will just tell God that they're sorry and it's all good. Now if the person happens to be Catholic then they can't tell God directly, they need a priest to tell god for them.

I remember in Catholic middle school they had "In God's Image" sex education where they taught that masturbation was a sin. They would have confession during school hours once in a while. They never failed to have confession at the end of the weeks when they taught about masturbation being a sin......
If masturbation was wrong, why did the "designer" put in an automatic relief valve in the form of wet dreams? Who cares if the towel standing in my corner gets it or the sheets do?
Maybe... but then again... they would have believed anything back then - with all these questions in their mind "How/why are we here?" etc...

If you told them that a giant tree, on the sun, was controlling the Earth... they would have no way to prove it wrong...

And I was saying that they are idiots in the way that they cannot accept anyone different from them.
Actually, the bible is rape friendly and pedobear approved as long as you don't hippity dippify someone's 12 year old wife, cuz females = property and stealing is bad mmmmK?

Looking at this list with enlightened 21st century eyes, it's obviously written by a group of what we would now call first class D-bags, but as RamNex mentioned, they were far from idiots. The writers of the bible were men who wanted to keep their pockets lined, their lineage pure, and their followers growing. That couldn't be done with rebellious teens, de-virginated brides, guiltless sexual promiscuity, and people allowed to freely question parents, clergy, and other authority figures regarding their beliefs. Religion keeps the sinners coming back out of fear and guilt, and the saints looking forward to their eternal reward. Just keep your followers prosthelytizing and reproducing like rabbits and watch as your religion spreads like a plague. Oh yeah, and if anyone disagrees just kill them in the name of your deity. Then you can kick back and count your $$$ after you're done molesting children and telling the poor to pray harder for a sammich.

Maybe one day I'll tell you how I REALLY feel about religious leaders. lol

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. ~Seneca
Hmm... about the rape, the man is covered (If he is straight, and raped a woman).
But the woman shall be put to death, either because she "cheated" on her husband, or (if she wasn't married) because she would no longer be a virgin...

This is what I mean, where is the sense of equality? Compassion for fellow man and woman?
Pretty much, yeah, but Deut 22 NIV says...

28 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29 he shall pay the girl's father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.

So the punishment for a rape victim isn't always death. If she's lucky, she gets a new hubby as long as her rapist has like 13 bucks to spare!

Every time I read passages like that, I hear the song "Our God is an awesome God..." in my head lol
You have to marry her, but seeing as the bible supports polygamy (for men, not women), the man can marry someone else and use the rape victim to do all the housework...
Then again, I highly doubt that the rape victim would want to marry her attacker!
These are really the 'choosen people'. Everytime i read a bible quote like that or read about pre-CE Jews, I realize how simular they were to the Nazis, and then at times worse. While the Nazis justified crimes agaisnt other races, the Jews justified crimes against other races AND each other. The only difference is that the Nazis had more modern technology and the resourses to use it; the Jews just had their goats and a 'kingdom' that nobody else seemed to realize existed.
it's all about control of the masses. in the days that these laws were formed there was no police force or monitors of the people. the most educated person was about as intelligent as a four-year-old of today.
so, take the law about not eating pork, or feeding on a beast with cloven hooves. the environment was hot and dry, desert, mostly, and pork goes bad really fast in such heat. there was no refrigeration then, so in order to keep people from eating pork, getting sick and dying, they told people that god wanted them to avoid pork.
some fanatics added that the devil had cloven hooves, so eating pork was further 'taboo-ed.'
i think a lot of the laws and rules were formed this way. it was a way to keep the highly ignorant from hurting themselves and others.


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