I'm off to my neice's christening this Sunday. This may raise awkward questions about why my daughter, who's eight months older, hasn't been christened. Quite a few of my family are religious and involved and I am not officially "out" to them.
My response to questions we have had has been, "No we aren't getting her christened" and no-one has then asked why. None of my family have actually asked though, so I'm slightly dreading the prospect.
I fully intend to join in with the hymns etc, but my main worry is probably not going up for communion. That will speak louder than words. Anyone had a similar experience?

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I wouldn't have any qualms about being "out" to my family. The subject has never come up and probably never will. If it does, well, fuck it, they're my family and they can get the hell over it. In fact, I'm almost dying for the opportunity to be the biggest douchebag "arrogant atheist" that I can possibly be if they make an issue of it and promptly laugh in their faces over their stupid fairy tales.

But maybe I just like picking fights.... Don't listen to me :)
Oh there wouldn't be any fighting, just some very British awkwardness, probably. Mind you, I think the time my cousin from Norn Iron, who's a vicar, came to visit and I didn't go to church to hear his sermon, probably gave the game away a couple of years ago.
Oh there wouldn't be any fighting, just some very British awkwardness

Oh, we Yanks find that highly entertaining! ;)
firstly, why have you decised to sing their folly, come on man, spine up. keep your mouth tightly shut and rejoice in the knowledge that you and your kid are free of the dogma.

i have been tpo lots of these things in our friends and family circle and theres been a fight in every single one, mind you that applies to birthday's wedding and funerals.lol

keep safe man

Yeah well, I'm a godfather twice over! I'm comfortable with my inconsistency. Way I look at it, I'm saving the kids from having a bible-basher as a godparent. I'll be man enough if someone got arsey about me being an atheist, but I'm not out to spoil my sister's day. Or my neice's.
But, at least a godfather has a purpose that can exist without the religiosity. I wouldn't worry too much about some inconsistency when we live in a theist's society.

So, is it this Sunday? Good luck!
Which is why I'm easy with being a godfather.
Yes, tomorrow now. Early start too, two hour drive to get there with a little almost-toddler, that bit might not be fun either. Ah well, alea jacta est, as Julius liked to say.
Well that was interesting. My mum didn't go up either...
It has been a while since I've been to a communion service with them, but I didn't expect that.
Huh. Any reason given?
No, we're not big on discussing religion in my family. Which is why I wasn't expecting awkward questions from them, but from others. As it turned out no-one ever brought it up. Ho hum.


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