I'm off to my neice's christening this Sunday. This may raise awkward questions about why my daughter, who's eight months older, hasn't been christened. Quite a few of my family are religious and involved and I am not officially "out" to them.
My response to questions we have had has been, "No we aren't getting her christened" and no-one has then asked why. None of my family have actually asked though, so I'm slightly dreading the prospect.
I fully intend to join in with the hymns etc, but my main worry is probably not going up for communion. That will speak louder than words. Anyone had a similar experience?

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Sorry, put this in the wrong forum, not got the hang of the phone interface.
So, at a christening, do they bust a bottle of champaign over her head? I've never been to one.
They make the sign of the cross on the forehead with font water. At least in the CofE they don't go in for all the extra nonsense that Catholics do with anointing oils etc.
Ahhh. So just a bunch of hand waving and incantations?
Pretty much, yes. I'm not bothered about the ceremony, but about the slightly thorny question of my own daughter's lack of christening.
Maybe you can have a ceremony at home and splatter spaghetti sauce on her face in honor of the FSM?

Kidding aside for a moment, I can see the dilemma. Honesty is usually the best policy in all matters. Perhaps if there is a way you can avoid the subject for now without lying? Some canned response that will deflect the questions?

Good luck!
If your family is Catholic, I think you can get out of it by saying "I haven't been to confession". This, while sneaky, would not be a lie.

My wife's family is Catholic, and they never go to confession but always take communion, but strictly I don't think they are supposed to.

If I'm at church with them, they "officially" think I don't go up because I'm Quaker (how I was raised). However, I suspect that they suspect I'm an atheist but they don't want to go there because it's a scary topic. Which is fine with me, I have no desire to fight with the in-laws.

Or, if "not coming out" is a higher priority than "not taking part in superstitious rituals", what's the big deal about eating a cracker?
what's the big deal about eating a cracker?

I hear they taste bad. Or bland? I guess if you are hungry and need a nibble, no harm done. Sometimes a brisk walk will help you stay awake during these boring sermons.
Bland, indeed. Also dry and almost dusty at times.
You'd think Jesus would have some taste. Salty, maybe? Steak?
You know Dave: if you chew them up they bleed, and that takes care of the dry and dusty.
No, we're from the "other side" of Norn Iron. Which incidentally is one of the biggest reasons that I'm off religion. That's a whole other debate though!
It's possible that my little one won't last the ceremony without needing to go outside, but I recognise that that would be the coward's escape. I bet we'll be sat at the front as well.


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