Are atheists more inclined to go nude in and around the house?

I live here in the backwoods of the Arkansas Ozarks. I have no neighbors and you can't see my house or surrounding buildings from my property line. Hence I frequently opt for no clothes and do the nudist thing.

My wife thinks it is silly but she does happen to be a theist. When it is freakin' hot I don't like clothing clinging to me. My workshop only has big fans to create airflow, no AC.

But when I think about all the local Bible thumpers I know I can tell you not one of them entertains such a thought. Is it the Puritan ethic so firmly instilled in them or am I just "off my rocker?"

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The wiki link was entertaining. Here's my favorite excerpt:

Native Americans of the Amazon Basin usually went nude or nearly nude; in many native tribes, the only clothing worn was some device worn by men to clamp the foreskin shut.


Uh, I have a REAL BIG PROBLEM with clamping my foreskin!!!! I don't care how soft the clothespins are supposed to be.....    :^ )




P.S.  OK, I confess, due to my religious upbringing foreskin is not an issue.....

It would have been something more akin to a bread tie, so it wouldn't have been as bad as a black paper clamp, for what that's worth.


p.s. I also haven't the issue due to religious upbringings.

There is nothing wrong with it at all. I can think of no reason for theists not to do it either. I don't wear clothes in the house and it makes me feel very relaxed and free. I love alone now but when I was living with a woman up until 1998 I did the same thing. She always wore clothes in the house but she didn't mind me being naked.

I just hate wearing clothes.

For me clothing holds two and only two purposes.

1 - social survival.  If it weren't for the currently embedded social norms (and hence legal barriers) then clothing would not be important socially.

2 - protection.  This can come in the form of appropriate footware, aprons where hot stuff splashes, eye glasses or face sheilds against splash or swarf, gloves and so on.  As well as protection against climate - cold, sunburn, assholes breaking bottles on the sidewalk and so forth.


At home if I am too hot,  I ditch the rags.  I do of course make sure that the ground floor windows are curtained or in some way blocked - I have no interest in being arrested for exposing myself to a minor just because some hyper-sensitive whack-job parent happens to walk by.  It's not like I am making lewd window displays or trying to entice kiddies, but I do have some very religious neighbors and lots of kids in the area.


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