Are atheists more inclined to go nude in and around the house?

I live here in the backwoods of the Arkansas Ozarks. I have no neighbors and you can't see my house or surrounding buildings from my property line. Hence I frequently opt for no clothes and do the nudist thing.

My wife thinks it is silly but she does happen to be a theist. When it is freakin' hot I don't like clothing clinging to me. My workshop only has big fans to create airflow, no AC.

But when I think about all the local Bible thumpers I know I can tell you not one of them entertains such a thought. Is it the Puritan ethic so firmly instilled in them or am I just "off my rocker?"

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No Nudity has nothing to do with religion.


Wiccans and pagans often practice public nudity in their religious nonsense. They arent any better then christians.


Atheists hold no common ideal beyond the lack of belief in god based simply on being an atheist.

Is this a serious question?  I cannot comprehend why there is not social science data I can consult on this phenomenon.
But it does make sense to postulate Religious Conservatives may indeed keep as many clothes on as possible even when they are alone and can't be seen by any outside observers.

I agree with UsuallyScarlett. I don't think theism/atheism has anything to do with it.

I also regularly go around my college apartment naked since I have no roommates and usually keep my blinds closed. Makes me feel like I really own the place. ;)

It's interesting to watch children.  When they are small they prefer being naked, but around about 10 or so, they become almost puritanical.  (and before you ask, I am not a pedophile!)
Religion is obsessed with covering up and modesty, I would say it is certainly a partially religious thing. Of course, as with anything, there are other factors. Mormons, muslims, jews, sikhs, the amish and I'm sure there are others who have dogma that relates to clothing. Most of these rules are there to repress sexuality, especially in women.
I think that's an interesting question. My inclination is to think that atheists would be, in general, far less ashamed of nudity than the religious. Not all religions necessarily, but all religions that tend to equate our "animal" aspects with "evil." It's perfectly natural for humans to be nude, of course, but when there's so much shame, repression and fear heaped upon sexuality, what can you expect but a proportional condemnation of nudity.



I am inclined to agree. If after our civilization has evolved to the point that there was in fact no more religion would be see a change in our need for clothing? Geographic considerations being in the formula of course.



Eh, even when I was a Christian I would opt for walking around the house in as little clothing as possible. I don't think one's feelings regarding comfort are really related to their religion, and I think it could be dangerous to argue that it does.
Do you think the prudes are influenced by their religion though? You've already made it clear that you're an exceptionally rational christian.



Do you believe Christians who have a hangup about nudity do so as a result of their biblical beliefs or is it more an issue of being comfortable with your body from a physical standpoint? Those who consider nudity a no-no, can they back it up with scripture?


Lastly, one you consider doing an impromptu poll of your congregation and find out just how many do the "nude thing?" It would be interesting to hear their responses.    :^ )



I wouldn't ask directly, if I were you.  Someone will get suspicious right away.  I doubt that those who are private nudists would tell the truth around people from their church anyway.


There may be some research on this out there somewhere, but I would be very surprised if it were not true that theists are less likely to go nude--even in private.  So much of religion is based on being ashamed of one's sexual parts and sex life in general.  I think this shame is a key part of the mind game being played by those who profit from the religion business.


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