God I'm giving you a thread on Think Atheist ... I have a few questions that me and my friends would like answered ... like what you'd like us to do and why ... or how it all came into being ... await your response

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thats funny
Wait a minute. God spoke to ME and said everyone should eat snails...raw. I see a holy war coming.
Remember, I am all powerful. I created a universe, this universe, such that no God need create it. So, to whom are your addressing this question?
So Adriana and Doug Reardon have replaced the Archangel Gabriel now (I assume some sort of jobshare) Could we possibly have a new company chart?
Dont worry I am all knowing and all powerful, so I already know what you are going to say .
From GOD
Hmm well is there any point to prayer then? (yeah I know you knew I was gonna ask that but anyway ...)
Dont begrudge me a few winks as my work begins in ernest when the Pope visits GB this month.
I asked this one back in Catholic School. I got plenty of answers from his "mouthpieces," but he wouldn't speak to me. How rude! After that, I figured he resigned as CEO (substitute your own meaning) and moved to The Bahamas. I heard he's got a hamburger joint there.
If you supposedly exist, God, why not just project yourself on that big projector called the sky and just let us all know that you are there so that way everyone knows? Others say that it would take away our agency to have faith if you revealed yourself...but my parents didn't send me off somewhere else to be raised and told that "oh, you really do have a parent, but he is never available and you can't see him and you are never worthy, but he loves you and you need to have faith that you even have a parent even though I can never produce him, but make sure to love your parent and such." Nope, they were there for me and yet I still had the agency to love them, obey them, rebel from them or hate, even with them being right there! So what's your excuse? I just don't get it...
ah good points, heather!
To test the faith of the like of you, who are rebelling against the One and truly God.


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