God I'm giving you a thread on Think Atheist ... I have a few questions that me and my friends would like answered ... like what you'd like us to do and why ... or how it all came into being ... await your response

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Can I just add ... should we all be vegetarian, who invented the jungle and .... stuff under the sea and IS IT ALL FAIR AFTER ALL?
I like trees n flowers ... ok you dun a good job .. just ....
My big thing is ... people suffering ... our species having so many difficulties managing ourseves and all that .. y7eah the anwer my friend is blowwing int he wind
God... why do you blame us for the shortcomings you programmed into us?
You silly gooses. Who are you talking to?
I think you mean, 'to whom are you talking?' :D
My English Achilles heel is knowing when to use "whom".
Mine is nit picking!
I think you were also being called out on ending a sentence with a preposition

I'm used to that. My wife corrects me each and every time I ask "where are you at?". You'd think she'd learn by now that I am not changing my speech patterns any time soon.
Hmm. I am really in trouble now I was taking a piss when the class covered all this. But I talk the language. I'm one of those who puts a comma where I would take a breath...at. ;-)
Dear God, why did you design the universe so that it appears to have evolved through natural processes without any intelligent designer at all? Same for all the life here on Earth. Why would you trick us into thinking you're not real and then punish us when we fall for your elaborate hoax? Are you really that big of an asshole?



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