Godless but Grateful
Here is a list of things I’m grateful for. Why don’t you add your own list so we can all give credit where credit is due!

1) My Significant Other.
He always exceeds my expectations on what love and commitment means. We don’t need a church to “sanctify’ our union. Communication, mutual respect and hot sex are true validations.
2) My Home.
I live on a beautiful tropical island pursuing not just one, but two amazing career paths. When I look out every day and see jungle giving way to white sand beaches and warm crystal waters, I know that no deity did this for me. It was my own decisions through life, my own willingness to take risks; reap the benefits or pay the consequences. I am here because of choices, not fate.
3) My Body.
I am grateful that cells have evolved over countless eons to produce ME! That’s right. I wasn’t created by the whim of some god. The universe took special care and infinite paths to create such a unique and special gift. I take care of it by eating right, exercising the physical and mental aspects of it and treating myself like I deserve.
4) My Habitat.
Hard working men and women grow food, tend crops and deliver goods to my area. The countless hours of sweat and toil keep grocery stores and markets stocked. Those in distribution meet me with a smile for the purchases I make that keep them in business. The discoveries of science and technology allow me to drink clean water any time I want, and government services keep my community safe.
5) My Friends.
I live in a society that has evolved to accept friendships of different genders and beliefs. This goes against every major religious teaching. I can befriend a Katoy (Thai Lady Boy) without having to stone her. I can discuss politics with someone of higher social status, and I can trust my deepest hopes and fears to a member of the opposite sex that is nether my lover nor a family member.

I challenge you all to make additions of your own. Let's see how many posts we can get this thing up to!
(P.S, it's a GREAT mood lifter!)

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In no particular order, I'm grateful for...

> Being Human
---- As a human, I have the power to think, to love, to create, and to live in a world I can learn from, love, and help improve.

> My Cats
---- I'm grateful to share my life with my cats. And they seem to like me, too. I'm grateful I have the means to care for these wonderful creatures. (If reincarnation happens to be true, I would like to come back as a spoiled house cat.)

> My Fiance, Friends, & Family
---- I'm fortunate to draw very little distinction among the three - my family are my friends, my friends are like my family, and my fiance is a friend and family member.

> The Opportunity to Improve
---- I am grateful for the opportunity to better myself and to live in a country that allows me to do so. I can always seek a better job, pursue a higher education, or improve my character through kind and charitable deeds.
From another expat living in Thailand here is my list of things I don't thank god for:

My wife and children, without whom I probably wouldn't be here today. They rescued me from the evils of too much drink by giving me purpose and rekindling an excitement for life that I had somehow misplaced.

Nicole and Sumo; two fat cats with personalities as complex as humans.

My job that has allowed me to visit countries on all five continents. I've developed friends around the world and its shown me that people from diverse cultures can happily work, live and love together if there isn't someone beating the drums of hatred.

My wife (she deserves more than one slot) who greets friends and strangers with a smile and warmth even when she may not be feeling particularly friendly. I know a lot of the devoutly religious who could take a lesson or two from her. Hell, I'm trying to take a lesson from her but I fear my curmudgeonry might be too deeply instilled.

The smell of that first cup of coffee in the morning. (I'd like to add that first cigarette in the morning but it was the one thing that made my wife go all jihad-like on me so I finally gave 'em up - sigh)

Pizza from Patsy's, Greenich Village, NYC
I'm grateful for everything I see and have around me - including the blizzard that is currently raging around me and which prevented me from going to work today.

I have a fabulous wife - we've been married 37 years - and two fantastic kids, including a daughter who got married in December.

I am grateful for everything that science has done for me, from coming to the rescue at the birth of my son, to being able to sit here and share thoughts with people all over the globe at the press of a button.

And I am grateful that I am living in a society that is in pretty much most respects a free and tolerant society, where I can stand up and deny whatever god I wish without some fanatic trying to lop my head off!
I am grateful for all of the Earls creations, but most importantly, the Sandwich.
I'm grateful for:

My children.
My stamina.
My orgasms.
My lack of carin'.
Again, another fantastic topic on this site! I remember Star Jones (who was booted off t.v.'s "The View") saying she'd never vote for an atheist, because they had no moral compass.
I think we're seeing a huge wave of resistance re: religion, blind faith, and new age psycho-babble.
Showing people that we're just like them, but different in our beliefs, is going to change society. As Harvey Milk would say - come out! Come out as a non-believer to family, co-workers, & neighbors.
I'm grateful for my cat, my friends, and that I'm one HIV+ guy who never got sick. Also, for this amazing site, that is rocking the world.
1) My Mind
When I was a Christian, people in church would always tell me to stop thinking so much; they pretty much claimed reason was the enemy of God and that ignorance was a virtue. What it felt like they were telling me was that the very essence of me was wrong. They might as well have told me to cut off my arm or leg. Because I couldn't accept their dismissal of the importance of a person's mind, I left the church and value The Mind and Thought above everything else. I'm glad that evolution has brought us to a place where we have the ability to think logically. I love my mind!

2) My Health
I drew a really lucky card when I came into this world. I don't have allergies; I'm not sickly; I have a high metabolism; I don't wear glasses, etc... the combination of genetics I ended up with could've been much worse considering the source!

3) My Drive
The only reason I've lived a cool life is because I chose to... and I choose to. I didn't get lucky (in that sense) and God didn't bless me. I've worked very hard for everything I have and for who I've become; I already have a large list of unique experiences under my belt and that's because I took risks. The only ones I'll ever thank are the people in my life who've been supportive and myself for not accepting mediocre. God had no hand in anything.

4) My Job
For starters, I have one. More and more people can't say that much. I only have to work 3 days a week while I go to school full time and that's HUGE right now. I don't think I could be anywhere else in the country and say that. Although I don't like my job, I'm glad I have it at the moment.

5) Florida Weather
South Florida is probably the worst place in the country as far as people go, but the weather here is fantastic! It was warm all winter long except for a couple sporadic days of semi-cold. I live 2 miles from the beach and can lay out pretty much all year 'round, even February.

6) Morgan
He's changed my life. :)
I have to add that I'm grateful for this site also. It's restoring my faith in humanity and showing me that there are lots of people who feel exactly like I do. I've known for a while that I don't believe in god but have kept mostly quiet about it. Reading all your posts makes me want to run around screaming it.

Also grateful for
1.) my family
2.) my friends
3.) Tim <3
4.) my skepticism - which I used to beat myself up for, "why can't I just believe in all the shit other people do? It would be so much easier!" Now I'm proud of it. I'm glad it got me to where I am. I'm happy to be a seeker of truth.

PS Nice thread :) I'm new here, you all are awesome.
1) My dogs --- The years of breeding it took to produce such fantastic pets, especially considering the lack of genetic testing (at the time) is a true testament to the truth of evolution. To have two greyhounds, who can easily run 500m in 30 seconds and yet who can also spend the day with their heads in my laps, who can chase down any animal outside but also respect their cat brother inside... it's more than any god could have done.

2) Language --- The versatile tool that we have evolved our grunts into is a true boon, not only in reaching out to those that are similar to us, but in communicating with and understanding those that are different.

3) Teachers --- Whether good or bad, the people who have had the most impact in my life are almost universally teachers. It was a teacher who first convinced me to consider that there might not be a god. It was a teacher (at a Catholic school no less) who told me that it was OK if I didn't believe in God because I was a good person. And it was a few teachers who convinced me to try writing, which got me through all of my darkest times and allows me to share the good times I have with others.


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