I recently came across this website, and... to be quite frank I'm overwhelmed. It seems to have everything so neatly lined up, and I suddenly feel like maybe I made a mistake. Could that actually be the case, or am I simply not equipped yet to deal with this?

I really could use some help, essentially.

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When I come across a site that seems to have carefully laid out its information and arguments, I recommend simply reading it all and seeing if any of it stands up to logic and science.

This site, as I have already seen it, tends to gloss over the parts that are in conflict with its agenda, usually with strawman or other flawed arguments, minimizing its weight essentially, while providing lip service to having shown "both sides", and then steam rolling along with the parts that seem to support their agenda with out of context or misleading examples, etc.

For example, an article on why Christains are more moral than atheists uses whether or not the evangelical church goers or atheists admitted to having looked at pornography as one of the (Typical) data points to judge their respective morality.

Only 12% of evangelicals admitted to having viewed pornography.  I'm going to guess that number is closer to 100% than to 12%, but do not consider looking at pornography as wrong.

Only 50% of atheists admitted to having looked at pornography.  I'm also going to guess that number is really closer to 100%.

They COULD have compared the percentages of atheists and evangelicals in prison, or convicted of serious crimes, things most of us can clearly interpret as being wrong...rather than cherry picking some stuff THEY consider as morality (swearing was on the list too, etc).

But, no, their agenda meant they had to cherry pick some stats that worked in their favor...and ignore ones that didn't work, as usual.

So, read it to have practice recognizing errors in logic, how to lie, how to cherry pick stats and facts to try to prove an unprovable case...so, when used to trick you, later, by others, you will have already recognized how to pick apart the bad arguments.

If you think you find a VALID argument though, carefully consider it....its possible they are right.

I didn't notice any that WERE right, but, I admit that after a few dozen stinking piles of shit, I assumed I was looking down into a cesspool, and closed the lid and walked away.


God and baby Jesus

I cannot see a link to any website??

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In the subject line, Reg.

Reading this site actually made me a conscious atheist.

I also didn't realize until now that Ole Fredrik Skyegstad wasn't talking about this site.  I guess I just read "God and Science" and somehow didn't notice the ",org"

I strongly suggest an edit to put the link into the text at the very beginning, even as its own site, and make sure it looks like a link (which at least on my system would be blue.)

Let's start with a convincing proof FOR the magical sorcerer at the center of Christian theology. A God borrowed, BTW, from Judaism and shared, BTW, with Islam.

Show us, theist, an argument that's specific for YOUR god. In other words, one that works for Yahweh but not for every other creator deity.

Muslims try to claim that Allah is identical with "God the Father" or Yahweh, but Christians will deny this.  There's just enough difference between the two (not as much as Christians claim but some) that if they are the same critter then at least one of the two is quite wrong in their description.   Of course, that sentence assumes there is a real referent there, instead of two different real referents, or...just maybe...NO referent.

A huge portion of the Koran is regurgitations of stories about Moses, Noah, Jesus, etc. that are quite different from the originals; they claim that what we would think of as the originals are quite corrupted.  What probably happened was Mohammed repeating a distorted version he had heard from nearby Jews; when he checked back with them (long after he had started preaching) he found the Jewish version of the story was not quite what he remembered...so he accused them of fabricating their version while keeping the "true" version locked up.  And under Islam, misrepresenting the religion to another Muslim is a capital crime.  Given that he thought that the patriarchs were Muslim...hiding their true words would qualify.  Just one more reason to hate the Jews.

Muslims can make any claim they want, but the God of Islam is the Middle Eastern God idea in a change of clothes. Their claim is simply historically false.


I'm pretty sure all of the claims for the other two are equally false.

As a GIVEN, Christianity claims the Jewish God...and, as a GIVEN, Islam claims their god is the same one...as the other two.

..with the jews and muslims adding that the god having a kid was ridiculous.

After that , they just kill each other over how to worship that god so they get to go to heaven and get bagels, virgins or harps, depending upon the version they prefer...

...Seemingly because even tolerating the other ways of worshiping that same god...are so important, that god is insulted, and must be defended by humans from the affront of being worshiped incorrectly.

This makes sense, biblically at least, as in Cain and Abel's story, God didn't like the fruit and vegetable sacrifice, he wanted to smell burning meat instead, and, apparently told them in no certain terms...leading to fruit offerer to kill meat offerer. 

So, god IS really picky about HOW he is to be worshipped, gave a pretty clear example...meat, with lots of fat, from the first born, and burn it....easy peasy worship directions.

Its quite clear...he doesn't want freakin rabbit food.

Somehow, over the millennia, the burning of fatty first born meat, one of the only times god was not ambiguous about how to worship him....is NOT done, by any one, any more.

Now people have decided he REALLY wants them to face certain compass points and kneel or genuflect or cover their heads, or faces, and, praise god over and over again while asking the omniscient one with a plan he made for them before they were born....to change the plan so they get a homerun when playing baseball or throwing a goat's head across a goal line, or to rain, or whatever.

If you read the bible though, its clear that he wants fatty first borns' incinerated so that he may delight in the aroma.

so they get to go to heaven and get bagels, virgins or harps, depending upon the version they prefer...

@TJ - I am going to reuse that line!


You have permission to reincarnate my take on the afterlife.



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