whats your best definition to the word God and how do you see this topic

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Righteous Judge, and Perfect Love.  I see the topic as undiscovered...

Interesting, Jonathan.  Assuming that you are talking about the Christian gods, I find it fascinating that you consider them a 'righteous judge' and 'perfect love'.  Have you ever considered that judging any creature based on a very limited sampling of behavior and passing a sentence that is eternal, as well as (so I've been told) infinitely painful - well that that just isn't very righteous at all.  That kind of follows with the 'Perfect Love' issue as well.

Can you imagine judging a newborn, within hours of it's birth, and deciding to pass a judgement of tossing it on a bbq to make it scream, then pulling it out and nursing it back to health just so you could toss it on again - and ensuring that would be the only life experience it would ever remember?

Could a parent who felt 'perfect love' for their child do that?  Would you consider them a 'righteous judge'?

Sorry if you are talking about other gods - but I've generally found that most of them are rather maladjusted for modern times as well.

An idea to keep people calm about their short life, about the vastness of the universe, and about their own unimportance in the big picture of everything. The reoccurring response I hear when someone is asked why they believe is "He makes me feel good.", so I believe the word god is the mental drug addiction keeping people sane less they start asking questions and getting pissed off at being tricked.

good pint heather... if only they would realize that the one they believe in is not following what they are teaching I mean free will then love or burn in an everlasting flame

if only they would realize that the one they believe in is not following what they are teaching I mean free will then love god or burn in an everlasting flame


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