whats your best definition to the word God and how do you see this topic

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How does that conversation go, Blaine? "Faster, faster!"?

wishful thinking

An imaginary figure attributed as an infallible surrogate parent.

The topic is quite broad.  Is there a specific issue in mind?

With regard to my own atheism, I categorically disbelieve in the supernatural. For that reason, a specific definition for 'god' isn't necessary. Whatever the OED states is sufficient for my needs.

When addressing a specific religion, I try to use the definition(s) of that religion according to the main body of belief. For example, not all Roman Catholics hold the exact same views, but I'll favour the Vatican's version of God over that of Crazy Joe Catholic preaching on the street. There often seem to be alternative definitions on the fringes, but when speaking in general terms, I can't be expected to account for every minority view.

When addressing individual believers, I ask them to generate a rough working definition (as needed) for the purposes of the conversation, at least if it is going to be an in-depth conversation. The term can be so nebulous that I'm not interested in wasting time on assumptions.

What do I think of this topic? I have my ignostic tendencies, so I think the question is important as far as theological conversations go.

any non-existent impotent imagined being.

Definition? Look around you. Can't you feel god and see god? Oh wait...I can't see god or feel god either. Never mind.

The easy answer to any question

Something that is akin to a scientific postulate, yet lacks the credentials of a theorem. It is a sad reality for some and a sad lie to us  

This is the problem.  God is something that various groups of people define differently from subjective evidence and then use as a reason to judge, condemn,  and kill each other.

Both the ancient Hebrews and the Cannanites, Wes, came from Semitic Akkadia, in Mesopotamia, and worshiped the same gods, but as they expanded westward and separated, just as two groups of the same species, isolated from each other, will evolve into separate species, so the gods evolved, and the two groups fought continuously over whose god was greater, the exact same situation we have today with Yahweh and Allah - two separate religious "species" from the same origin.

Have you ever noticed that there are only two kinds of people whom God answers prayers; survivors and winners.

Yeah, I guess he knows how to pick 'em.  He ought to go to the track!


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