Okay... so far, the only "evidence" I have ever been able to get from a theist for the existence of God is  the Bible says that God is real, therefore, God is real.


Okay... let me make a demonstration to theists. This demonstration will show exactly how rediculous the claim of the reality of God on this basis really is.


First of all let's get something out of the way...

We have to know what you're talking about before we can take your claims seriously. So...


What is the Bible?

You may say "the word of God" but that really has no meaning. What is it LITERALLY.

Well, lets take a look at that.

Bible comes from the latin root "Biblio" which means "Book." So, the Bible is a book. If you pick one up off a library shelf that will become obvious to anyone.


So, what is this book comprised of? A quick scan will reveal that the Bible is comprised of many stories. I.e the Bible is a storybook.


Let's consider the implications of your "evidence."

Okay... so a storybook says that a character named "God" is real... therefore he is real.


Okay... so if God is real because a storybook says so... let me propose this:


Harry Potter, Edward Cullen, and Alice [the fictional Alice in Wonderland, thanks Galen for correcting that.] are real. So are Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, and Aslan.


Now I can already hear the next thing out of your mouth: "You're insane." But I would say, "Why?"

NOTHING that happens in these books is any more fantastic than the events depicted in the Bible.


Harry Potter can do magic? Jesus can do miracles that look a lot like magic.

Edward Cullen is a vampire? Well, I hate to burst your bubble but Jesus rose from the dead too.

Alice went into an impossible world with strange creatures that don't exist? Well, the bible mentions Giants and Unicorns... do those exist? What about sea monsters like the levathion? Or 7-headed monsters ridden by prostitutes? Do those exist?

Aslan is a talking animal and those don't exist? Well what about the talking snake in the Bible? Does that not exist either?


Okay, so your next argument is probably "Well, those books had authors that admitted that they wrote them, so they were written by humans." Well... how about this... The Bible had human authors that are unknown but ALSO human editors that decided what went in and what went out. And the authors and editors have been confirmed! Try again! You still haven't convinced me that Harry Potter, Frodo, and Aslan don't exist.


You may say next... "Well, the Bible is not supposed to be taken literally."

Okay then... can you present us with an instruction manual written by it's authors that tells exactly how to interpret it right? No?

Well how interesting!

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Einstein beats up God. lmao
Cool!!!!Edward Cullen exists!!!!Maybe he can turn me into a vampire.Great discussion.I hope I get a chance to use this when I'm arguing (I know I spelt it wrong) with a christian (hopefully in school tomorrow).I love coincidences (I think I spelt that right) like this.I was watching Lord of the Rings 3 and a half hours ago.


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