Will the man asking for change cross "god" off of his sign for $20?

In 6 short minutes, I will demonstrate EVERYTHING that is wrong with Religion:


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That's just pathetic, and I feel bad for the kid. It's child abuse, in my opinion. Here's what confuses me: they believe in an omnipotent, omniscient god, but apparently crossing his name off their sign would make him think they suddenly don't love him.

I fail to see the purpose of your video.  Of course someone who genuinely believes that they have a relationship with God isn't going to publicly cross out his name for money. Theres nothing illogical about that, its just like standing up for a friend.

I agree

It's like letting your child go hungry before you'll deface a home made sign - that's not only illogical, it's immoral.

I totally agree with you Bill ...every theist would do the  same thing ! especially where a camera  is recording  .The whole familly  deserves  help . they felt as if bullied for money ... sorry I don't like this video .


The point is easy: Religious beliefs cause people to act irrationally and this is a visual example of it.

exactly, everything they do is irrational from a logical perspective. You have to be crazy to become a christian as it entails sacrificing your natural common sense for a "supernatural" common sense.

It entails sacrificing your common sense for artificial dogma that has been fabricated by a group of people who like to stand in front of crowds, telling them what to do.

they  are humans after all , they were humiliated to a great extent ...ok I know that they should have exchanged the money for the sign from the very beginning ,but they are brainwashed just as I was brainwashed before becoming atheist .

Although I agree with the video maker on his point , but he could have chosen another method to support it without putting that poor family n a such humiliating situation ... it breaks my heart to see something like that !

What breaks my heart is that people like this are allowed to have and raise children.
Does it break your heart because they are poor , brainwashed, or both ?
It breaks my heart that the child goes hungry because his parents don't have the practical sense to make a profitable deal.


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