God taking, or being given credit for Christopher Hitchens cancer.

"The militant God-hater, Christopher Hitchens, has been
diagnosed with throat cancer, Fox News is reporting. Hitchens is well
known for his hatred of God and the Christian faith. Despite his
irrational anti-theism, we admonish all followers of Christ who read
this post to pray that the sovereign Spirit of God convict him that his
worldview is entirely false, he has sinned against a just and holy
God, and that he repent and receive Jesus Christ as God and Savior. It
is not our place as Christians to say the specific reasons why Mr.
Hitchens has contracted this disease. We only know that God often uses
illness as a means to bring people to repentance and faith. We can only
hope Mr. Hitchens responds." -
Henry B. Smith Jr. MA, Associates for bible research.


This is one of several websites and thousands of comments effectively levying a "Serves him right" jab at Christopher Hitchens being diagnosed with cancer. Instantly I am consumed by a myriad of emotions and just as many questions as to why and how someone could say something like this.

At the base of this according to some god gives people cancer as punishment or as this specific quote implies, to force them to convert before death. Instantly I have to ask anyone who is capable of thinking in this way, what about children with cancer, what about animals, and what about the already faithful? I could go on and on with contradictions and inconsistencies I find with this vile way of thinking, but it's pointless to ask it here amongst like minded peers. I have thought long and hard about this and how upset it makes me feel that people would celebrate the demise of the man before he's even met his end and I've come to a rather upsetting realization. I think Atheists are also capable of this same or similar death bed celebration.

Take Jerry Falwell for instance, Bill Maher said when speaking about his death "death isn't always sad", and he went on to denounce the recently deceased pastor. Hear me out on this because I'm sure we all agree what kind of a man Jerry Falwell was to us, I am sure many Evangelists loved him. We admire Hitchens for his intellect and pursuit of enlightenment and it is the same reason he is hated by many followers of all religions. Could how I feel about people accrediting hitchens cancer to gods wrath have been the same visceral reaction felt by evangelists watching Bill Maher praise Jerry Falwells demise? I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say about this

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Could how I feel about people accrediting hitchens cancer to gods wrath have been the same visceral reaction felt by evangelists watching Bill Maher praise Jerry Falwells demise? I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say about this

Of course. The "us versus them" begets the visceral reaction. But, we value Hitchens over Falwell for the same reasons we differ on many things with theists. We have different world views and evaluate things differently. We feel we are correct and they feel that they are correct. We have facts and science to back us up, however. And with that, a better understanding of the world, people, and the value of a person's ideas.
It is deplorable to celebrate the illness or death of any person in the name of a deity. Tragic death and illness is sad in all instances, even when people thing the person "deserves" it (i.e. people served the death penalty for crimes). I don't agree with the death penalty by the way, I think there are better ways to deal with these criminals.

It's small-minded to use a "God" figure as the reason for illness, or as the excuse for execution, and it's small-minded to say "serves you right" to any person.

I have a loved one who is a devout Christian who has been stricken with a brain tumor, and she asked the question "Why me lord? What have I done to deserve this? What did I do wrong?" While it's sad to watch her go through this, I felt like shaking her and saying "It's not your fault, and God didn't do this to you!"

She's fine, so far, if you were wondering, and has outlived her projected life-span by more than double.

I do hope that Hitch gets through this ok.
If Hitch recovers and is still an unbeliever...to whom will they credit for his healing?
There is a key difference here. I see where you are coming from and understand that this is empathy on your part. Your ability to put yourself in the shoes of the offended theists is valuable and often under-appreciated. However, the atheists, including Bill Maher who may have been happy or have gotten a punchline out of Falwell, didn't consider this an act of justice by a morally unquestionable being. The atheist is generally open to asking the question you just did. The theist is more likely certain that they know the will of the being they admit they cannot comprehend and that this is justice beyond question. This being always happens to agree with them though. Don't get me wrong, there are shades of grey in the middle. Not everyone will be hard over one way or the other.
Damn, I totally nailed that prediction. The minute I heard about Hitch's cancer, I predicted exactly this right here.

"Telling an atheist, any atheist that they don't believe in God because they "hate" him is akin to telling a grown up they "hate" the tooth fairy. Having them tell us we hate God for some slight against us personally is as logical as saying we hate leprechauns for not sharing their gold." - Jason Paisley
I know it is not the same to us Neal M, but you must look at things in perspective. We love Hitchens for many reasons, and conversely it is many of those reasons religious followers hate him. We hate falwell for many reasons, and conversely it is many of those reasons religious followers loved him. This is not really about who is right and wrong here, it's feelings we're talking about. Does it feel the same to dance on falwells grave to religious followers, as it feels for them to dance on hitchens's?
Whoa, you make it sound like Hitchens is dead!

This is a tough situation, but I think in certain senses it is definitely okay to "dance on Falwell's grave." The fact is, Falwell was an evil man. When a theist that is reveling in Hitchens's illness says they are doing so because Hitchens is an evil anti-theist, will you respond, "Hey! I know you think Hitchens is evil, but my feelings are hurt by this, so just stop!"? I know I wouldn't. I would say something more like "Anti-theism is not evil, and Hitchens has done a lot to promote reality and fight tyrannous superstitions." It's not about feelings... it's about right and wrong.
premature grave dancing is still grave dancing! I meant it more in a way as they are celebrating his downfall which esophageal cancer is likely to bring. I agree with you, I would never cry out to stop the ridicule or mockery. I embrace anyone's right to act any way they choose so long as it's not coming into contact with my body. This was simply a discussion "in my head" well, shared with the collective minds of my fellow Atheists. I am more open here than I would be in reality.

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Oh boy.

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