God taking, or being given credit for Christopher Hitchens cancer.

"The militant God-hater, Christopher Hitchens, has been
diagnosed with throat cancer, Fox News is reporting. Hitchens is well
known for his hatred of God and the Christian faith. Despite his
irrational anti-theism, we admonish all followers of Christ who read
this post to pray that the sovereign Spirit of God convict him that his
worldview is entirely false, he has sinned against a just and holy
God, and that he repent and receive Jesus Christ as God and Savior. It
is not our place as Christians to say the specific reasons why Mr.
Hitchens has contracted this disease. We only know that God often uses
illness as a means to bring people to repentance and faith. We can only
hope Mr. Hitchens responds." -
Henry B. Smith Jr. MA, Associates for bible research.


This is one of several websites and thousands of comments effectively levying a "Serves him right" jab at Christopher Hitchens being diagnosed with cancer. Instantly I am consumed by a myriad of emotions and just as many questions as to why and how someone could say something like this.

At the base of this according to some god gives people cancer as punishment or as this specific quote implies, to force them to convert before death. Instantly I have to ask anyone who is capable of thinking in this way, what about children with cancer, what about animals, and what about the already faithful? I could go on and on with contradictions and inconsistencies I find with this vile way of thinking, but it's pointless to ask it here amongst like minded peers. I have thought long and hard about this and how upset it makes me feel that people would celebrate the demise of the man before he's even met his end and I've come to a rather upsetting realization. I think Atheists are also capable of this same or similar death bed celebration.

Take Jerry Falwell for instance, Bill Maher said when speaking about his death "death isn't always sad", and he went on to denounce the recently deceased pastor. Hear me out on this because I'm sure we all agree what kind of a man Jerry Falwell was to us, I am sure many Evangelists loved him. We admire Hitchens for his intellect and pursuit of enlightenment and it is the same reason he is hated by many followers of all religions. Could how I feel about people accrediting hitchens cancer to gods wrath have been the same visceral reaction felt by evangelists watching Bill Maher praise Jerry Falwells demise? I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say about this

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Looks like they got chased out of Little Rock. Nice.

LOL (Lots Of Lasers)
Believers get cancer too. We don't know everything about what causes cancer yet, but we've narrowed it down. I'm pretty sure we ruled out prayer, magic, voodoo, curses, witchcraft, buddhist monks having a bad day, and the evil eye. This has more to do w/the fact Hitchens used to smoke a lot, then that he argues against gods. I used to smoke a lot too. I probably have throat cancer and will die. If that happens, it won't be because I stopped being a Believer and started being atheist. It'll be cuz I got throat cancer. Spit happens.
One of these days they might even establish a link between cancer and smoking. I don't believe the evidence that currently exists because the Bible leads me to believe that God has a plan for us. So God did it. Did it to might Dad too. I'm gonna go worship him because that's the rational reaction to this line of thought.
Ok.. I wonder if Some christian people felt Tammy Fae Baker deserved her illness and death for bilking all those people out of their hard earned money... To build luxury houses and live a grand lifestyle?

The superstitious mindset may believe such things..

Is it right to lock a child in a closet who is scared of the dark? In the same vein is it right to play on the fears of those who believe in the supernatural? Is it right to mock them for their fears? It isn't a scam for many of them... They truly believe these things. (though there ARE scammers who don't believe but use and abuse the mindset for personal gain)

I wouldn't go out of my way to Falwells funeral and tell his family he was a horribly evil ass......That would be rude and uncalled for. Now if someone interviewed me and asked the question... 'Do you think Falwell was a horribly evil ass'? I would have to say 'yes'.... but perhaps I'd use more diplomatic terms especially if he had just died.

I would say that I felt that his belief system facilitated his thinking and saying some pretty hurtfull and horrible things.

Hitler thought we was making the world a better place for HIS people. I would have no problem saying that I believed that he was horribly misguided by his beliefs and that they allowed him to do incredibly evil things. I would have no problem saying that I was glad that he was gone. But I could also say that I honestly wished that things could have been different for both Falwell and Hitler.... that they could have overcome their fears and hatreds and ideologies and come to a clearer and more balanced understanding.

But it didn't happen.....and what is worse the individual who leads group or the ideology and mindset that allows for such horrible, horrible treatment of other human beings?
Despite the obvious argument that people of all faiths and ages get cancer, what about the supposed core values of Christianity? What about loving your fellow man? Turning the other cheek?

Falwell was a bad man. I would say that if he worshiped Oreo cookies. He was a bigoted hater. I don't know a lot about Hitchens' personal life (though I have read his book and then I bought it for my dad), but I have as of yet not heard him running around openly making hate statements towards others. I think you can be of any faith and behave with a certain amount of grace and couth towards others.
Look at this way, If you were a christian, of course you would say that Hitchens' cancer was due to some sort of smiting by God. But, we all know otherwise. As does Hitchens. And I believe his convictions to be strong enough to realize this as well.

But, to answer your question..

Yes, I think that our hatred for Falwell, can be comparable to "their" hatred of Hitchens.


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