Much has been made here in the States in efforts to get "In God We Trust" off of currency (to much opposition) and remove religeous symbols from public venues. I highly respect europe in it's more seculer and well 'logical' approach. However, god is in the U.K. National Anthem and the Monarch holds a hereditary hounarable title as "Head Of The Church Of England".I'm curius as to how my fellow U.K bretheren take to this?

I understand the U.K. is considerably less religeous than the U.S. (isn't saying much) but how do you folks take to this? Personally I could care less if my currency says "In God We Trust" and I don't care if I'm slapped in the face with a cross every 10 miles driving.

Appreciate any feed back!

take care


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haha that card would have some epic powers like "annhilate all players with water"

LOL...I know, right.  How about "Flesh to Salt" or "Part Waters", "Bear Mauling" would be a great spell  haha

I haven't sang god save the queen in a long long time.  I prefer our National Anthem, Flower of Scotland!   :p

I think in most european countries if any of the politicians said some of the religious shit that many of their counterparts in the US say it would be tantamount to political suicide

my only problem with that is the use of the phrase 'I could care less' when you mean 'i couldnt care less'. I just dosnt make any sense!!?

oh c'mon Grammer nazi! ;) lol...but thanks it was rather late when I wrote this. (and you forgot the apostrophe)

i thought it was god attack the queen.

I'm not one of your UK brethren, but I do have some thoughts on the "In god we trust" and so forth. Personally, I find it pretty offensive that motto is on our currency, that legislatures start sessions with a prayer, and all the other 卐tian bullshit that has been shoved into our supposedly secular government.

I live in Nashville, TN, and would be happy if I got a cross only every 10 miles. Here, it's more like every 10 feet.


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