What you guys think of Victor Stengers book saying that we can officially say it's disproved? As Lawrence Krauss,Steven Weinberg affirmed as well..even Stephen Hawking have thrown in on it. I assume there are not physicist in here but who are we suppose to trust? religious views or scientific views? I guess we should only trust ourself.But I see no see reason to be partly agnostic and partly atheist about something that there's not a shred of evidence for.And here comes the t-pot argument; there are thousens of things we can't disprove but doesn't therefor mean it's likely to be true? no.

What interests me the most these days is history..there's no question that the same religious concept,system as in Christianity,Islam etc have been designed before..virgin births for example. I've never ever heard any of these intellectual theologians JUSTIFY any of this..that billions of people through history the last 50.000 years have believed in so many gods..i don't even understand HOW christianity for example COULD be true..What you guys think? It's extreme? A bit foolish? I don't understand anything else.How any of it CAN be true..

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I'm not too impressed with Stenger. I actually heard him talk one time, nothing special, and really he didn't have a very good grasp of history at all.

Generally speaking, I think that most scientist's arguments against "god" are pretty worthless. My degree is in biology, but for the most part I think that the more sound arguments against religious beliefs, and hence gods, come from history and anthropology.

There is a role to play for science in providing better explanations for the reality that we experience, and for contrasting that with various religious explanations, but the idea that arguments against god based on logical thought experiments or based on laws of physics, etc. are ever going to get anywhere is just nonsense IMO, especially since 99% of the people who they would be directed at can' understand them anyway.

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