Last weekend I was in a class and the teacher said the best argument she heard about the question of god allowing evil in the world, was from his 10 year old nephew who said: "god loves satan so much that he allows him to be satan." I mean, WTF? Really? Is that the best argument she have heard? ever? Clearly he (god) likes Satan better than the human race, right?. He couldn't forgive the human race (and other animals) for being humans (and animals) so he sent a flood to kill them all. Nice job god.

What do you guys think about this?

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It sounds like a mutated form of the free will argument to me.
i love the comedian jim jefferies bit on satan "the bible says heaven is blissful and hell is eternal agony , thats whats written in the bible , thats gods book , as far as i know the devil hasn't written a book so we havn't heard the devil side of the argument if you ask me the devil is being the bigger man coz god is just writing shit about him and devil is saying im not even going to comment if you talk about me like that ".
of course :) free will for Satan, that old rascal, and no will for the rest..
I haven't heard this argument. The justifying argument for Satan I have heard is that he is actually the angel of the damned and gets a bad rap

This reminds me of Christian apologetic and so called "respected theologian" Billy lame Craig's twisted logic and morality on defending the slaughter of children as told in the bible. According to Lane it was A OK to mass slaughter babies.


An absolute perfect example of the deranged mindset of the religious. With their insane moral compass, no matter how immoral an act, god can fix everything and make it accceptable.

I'm new to atheism so please don't shoot me down for this if I am on a wrong tangent, correct me if you feel the need.


But with god, there is always a case of you can't have one without the other, right. There can't be light without dark and stuff so with god allowing satan to exist, isnt that because without an Evil Satan, there cant be a Good God. You can't be good if there is no bad - otherwise you just are. So for God to be deemed good, he needed to create evil. Everything has an opposite, even god. Therefore, god doesn't love Satan because he allows him to exist, he allows him to exist because without Satan, God isn't really anything important at all. So yes, I agree the argument "god loves satan so much that he allows him to be Satan" is complete toss.

Language requires a duality for there to be an understanding of what is being said. It's as much what you are not say as what you said. So we have right and wrong, good and bad, god and the devil. Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge and came to know good and evil.

Religion requires evil to exist and preachers make a living promoting that you are evil so you will pay to feel better.

"Ain't God a Bitch?" lol
If that is true then god is a jealous sociopathic/pyschopathic nutcase who has a hard on for satan


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