I am SOO annoyed right now...My 6 year old son (1st grade) came home with a turkey that he made, and on each feather, the kids were to write two things that they are thankful for..on one of the feathers it said "God" and "Jesus"..so I asked him about it, and he says,  "Umm..Jesus is the king of the world! He made the whole world! We're all thankful for God and Jesus." (And yes, I have had this discussion with him before due to kids in his class (one in particular) talking about it.). I asked him who told him that..He tells me the teacher said it! Wtf!?! Would you go talk to the teacher about it, or just talk to your child again? I hate to think about him being singled out and ostracisized by his classmates and teacher, by me informing her of the fact that we are atheists.. Apparently every school year around Easter and the holidays, I have to deal with this crap now...grrrrrr!

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Yes talk to the teacher and the principal what the teacher is doing is illegal speak with a attorney as well and maybe the ACLU if you need more back up. 

Talk to the teacher. Definitely.

That's messed up. If you do decide to talk to the teacher it's a good idea to be well natured, you'll be heard better than the rantings of a crazed or angry parent.


To be fair you should bring this up to his teacher and make it known it needs to stop immediately and permanently. It's a simple matter of wanting the best education for your child. There are plenty of churches your son can go to if he wants. School is for education. 


Our legal system has lots of issues but it also has a lot that works well too. Your recorded conversations and documents are powerful. If your conversation with his teacher doesn't remedy, gather and submit your documentation with clear intentions to sue. Even a flimsy lawsuit is intimidating. A well documented lawsuit is downright scary. Lives are ruined by lawsuits, no one wants to be a part of that.


In the big picture of things. Your son has you. If he didn't have a mom that was already well informed then there might be an issue but as he grows and you have conversations with him about religion it would be a snowballs chance in hell that he'll be converted by a fundie. I don't think it's anything to worry about but it sure does piss me off that that teacher is doing that.


P.S. I miss Matsumoto's Shave Ice and Zippy's :P

LOVE Zippy's! =)

I have the same problem with my two school boys. They introduced Religion (Christianity) here in Croatia as optional in schools recently, and kids that do not take it are stigmatized!!! x-(
So they both did take it (I know how it is when you're a child and bullied as being different), but I have conversations with them regularly about the "facts" in the bible. I want them to grow up to be free thinkers, not brainwashed robots. But it's hard, I can't tell them to keep it a secret from other kids (I don't want them to become liars). They are bright kids, and fortunately know already to keep "low profile" regarding these subjects.

Oh wow, that would SO piss me off. I do recall that when I was in kindergarten we said the "God is good" prayer before eating but that was back in 1965 or whatever lol.


It has escalated into insanity these days. I am fed up with it. Hey bossy Christians, GET OVER IT (notice I said bossy because some Christians are very nice and keep things to themselves).


Yes I would definitely talk to the teacher about it, though personally, I would not give her the satisfaction of knowing what my belief is. I would just tell her I am open minded and wish that such absolute statements not be shoved into my child's head in the classroom.

Ask the teacher if it would be alright for your boy to draw little fat Buddha's on the feathers instead. I bet you can't do it without laughing. It might be a good way to break the ice though..... 

Or even better, little Flying Spaghetti Monster, like that Austrian guy.

lol I do love little fat Buddhas =)

I'd make a literal federal case out of it if I had to, provided, of course, that I had the energy that will take.  It is wrong,, period.  Thank goodness for the Constitution - this isn't something that is in a gray area at all.  This is a clear violation of the separation of church and state.

I suppose an exception might be if one child volunteered Jesus and God as answers and the teacher agreed and moved on.  It could have been the lesser of several evils in her mind, I guess.  I'd start with a conversation with her to see what was actually said.  

Sticks and stones. Six years old is a little young to have to start defending values in a hostile environment.  And a little young to make decisions on religion. Cramming atheism down your sons throat is no better than what the Christians are doing with their children. Throw the turkey away and let him be six.

I disagree. It's not cramming atheism down their throats. The fact is that it's fine to teach your children what you think is true, but also to teach them to be open minded to accept other opinions if they have the sake of argument. But that's also what christian (or any other religion) parents should teach their children. Unfortunately, that's not the case, or otherwise most people would soon become free thinkers.


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