I am SOO annoyed right now...My 6 year old son (1st grade) came home with a turkey that he made, and on each feather, the kids were to write two things that they are thankful for..on one of the feathers it said "God" and "Jesus"..so I asked him about it, and he says,  "Umm..Jesus is the king of the world! He made the whole world! We're all thankful for God and Jesus." (And yes, I have had this discussion with him before due to kids in his class (one in particular) talking about it.). I asked him who told him that..He tells me the teacher said it! Wtf!?! Would you go talk to the teacher about it, or just talk to your child again? I hate to think about him being singled out and ostracisized by his classmates and teacher, by me informing her of the fact that we are atheists.. Apparently every school year around Easter and the holidays, I have to deal with this crap now...grrrrrr!

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I have read all of your responses and appreciate you all taking the time to do so. After my son saw how upset my husband and I were, he then said that he had misspoke and that it was in fact his classmates who had chimed in with "God" and "Jesus", during an outloud brainstorming session of things to be thankful for..Indeed, the teacher may have acknowledged the childrens' answer and moved on. I am not one to make a big fuss about things, and since I can see this scenario play out more so as opposed to the original one, I am not going to say anything. There is nothing that I can do about other children saying these things. Although it does irritate me immensely, I know that it is just something that I am going to have to deal with. My son's school is indeed a public school located on base. And yes, Hawaii is very religous, but I feel that we are much better off here than back in TN.

Glad to hear that the situation turned out to be rather benign. I always hate hearing about teachers overstepping their bounds when it comes to religion.... well and other things too.

I went to public school in a very Catholic region in Spain, and you wouldn't believe the crap they teach. I very vividly remember my third year teacher telling a Muslim student that she was going to hell for her beliefs.

Talk to your son and talk to the teacher. If nesescary, contact the school board. That sort of thing should not be put up with.

Teachers should keep their opinions to themselves at all times. They are there to teach students a subject not to preach or talk about personal beliefs. I don't think you are wrong by being extremely annoyed by this!

IF the teacher did indeed tell the boy that. the teacher must be taught that it was WRONG to present his / her own views on this topic.  It it persists, I'd go to the school principal about it.


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