I saw this on a friend's time line on facebook.  On one hand, I was very amused with a dark sense of humor, and on the other, I was slamming my head against the desk because of such a description.

Have fun with it! I did!

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Yes, God scoops out the brain and leaves many content to just wear a happy smile. They have no need to think when they know their God did it all.

Yes, that's how I like to be described: hollow; void of any contents or character other than what someone else has told me.

So you are actually aware that this is what Christianity has done to you and you are OK with it!?  I'm seriously disturbed by that.  I had no idea any of you actually saw yourselves the way I see you.

Not ok with it in the slightest.  I'm applying a bit of sarcasm here.  I've never viewed myself this way, though I do know plenty who are quite content with it.  Why else would they post the above picture and description with pride?

I have no idea why they would post it.  It's they way I view you people, but I've never encountered any Christians with enough insight to realize that is what being in a cult has done to them.

They post it because they think it's "cute." 

You know that if the story above was a real example, then this little girl was told this by an adult.  It is a nice subtle and subliminal way of saying: "Don't question authority; don't question the church or your elders.  We know better than you; your job is to simply tow the line and do as you're told."  It's like a pastor extolling the virtues of being a sheep to the congregation.  He paints them a rosy picture of green fields and blue, sunny skies, all the while leading them into the mouths of wolves.

I actually think this is a really good description, so I agree with the pic.  However, instead of God doing it, you have to do it yourself.  The smiley face and His light are the result of God's love, which as I've said before, there is an atheist version of. 

No, Simon, there is not an Atheist version of a god's love - there is only the Simon Paynton Non-Theistic Deistic Love or whatever you want to call it.

Hahaha...excellent description.

We shall see. 

But that is EXACTLY that religion is about - I just had no idea you all were actually aware of it while submitting to that sort of brainwashing.

What surprises me is that you actually formed that opinion from my remarks.  You are wrong to think that we "all were actually aware of it..."  Most, if not all, are not aware of it.  The fact that I have an ability to be aware of it simply reveals an awakening.  However, if there are those that are aware of it and yet submit to it.  It has been my experience that most people are too afraid to think for themselves.  Being told what to think and how to act is more comforting because it reduces, if not removes, the risk of not being accepted.


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