Okay, so I am watching an episode of Boy Meets World 4x21 Cult Fiction and one of  the main character's named Shawn face's an identity crisis and decides to join a cult. Everything turns out fine until after his mentor/former guardian Mr. Turner ends up in the hospital and forces Shawn who had no beliefs what so ever discover that he has new faith in "God" and asks him not to let Mr. Turner die. The next scene Mr. Turner squeezes Shawn's hand and Shawn's thanks god and says to the cult leader that people who have no faith or beliefs get tied into cults and ends the story with the moral that "God" fills the emptiness inside you. And now I am thinking WTF so you are saying that a person like me will probably join a cult and the only way to be happy is to have god in my life! I like Boy Meet's World and I love their endings but this ending gave me mixed feelings and me made think it had some Christian propaganda in it. So I would like your opinions on this discussion and you can find this episode on Youtube if you just type in "Boy Meets World 4x21 Cult Fiction". Thanks!!

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Thanks for the warning, will give this one a skip, happy in my emptiness you know.
I would watch most of the episode except for the last part, but thanks for hearing my warning!
I'm happy not knowing 3,000 other gods and hundreds of thousands of fantasy creatures as well.
Me too!
"Beer fills up the emptiness".
"Heroin fills up the emptiness".
"Eating fills up the emptiness".
True, anything fills up emptiness!
Well now, beer and eating DO fill up the emptiness (in your digestive system).
I always loved Boy Meets World, but knowing that this episode turns out this way, I think I'll skip it. No need to ruin good childhood memories.

I think it's so inappropriate for shows that are normally secular to slip in such blatant religious propaganda. I almost feel like it gives the message that much more weight to people who'd normally have the sense to ignore it. I don't mind mention of religion on "secular" shows, but stuff like this that's clearly designed to move people to a belief based on emotion? That's inappropriate. At least if it's kept to religious programs, people will already be expecting to encounter it.
Sorry to ruin childhood memories, but I thought people should be warned of this episode prior to them watching it. I hope I didn't ruin it too much.
I didn't mean to say that you ruined it. More like you warned me which episode to stay away from so that the memory isn't ruined by that propaganda! :P
The message doesn't even make sense when you consider that religions are cults. Don't most Christians want to remain Christian because of the community aspect of it? I mean, sure, they may believe in God, but more than that... they don't want to lose that sense of belonging that they get when they're accepted into a group. Call it what you want: a cult, a gang, a mob, a church, a book club... they all hold the same lure for people who want to feel like they're a part of something.

I hate it when people don't even think through the "moral" point they're trying to make.
sense of belonging..that is true, but people also join religions because they feel depressed or empty and are searching for comfort.

I've always described religion as "humanity's Security Blanket".


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