If you want to call yourself an atheist, that's fine because God doesn't
believe in atheist anyway. Go ahead and deny him now because one day you
and everyone else will have to profess that not only the fact that there IS
A GOD, but that His son Jesus is Lord. You will be bowed down on your knees
before him doing it just before you are denied his kingdom and sent to live
in an eternal BURNING fire and hell. And that is a promise! Maybe you do
not believe in God because you have never given Him a chance to be a part
of your life. If this email offends you, I do not apologize because your
web page offended me- so we're even.

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It's amazing that your god didn't spread religion to all places from the get-go. Why wait thousands of years (according to YEC-tards), sending everybody to hell and giving them no way out of it, before bringing in a specific savior with specific rules for salvation... then not letting anyone else know about it, thereby also condemning them to hell?

Your god is a real asshole, you know that? I can see why douchebags like you follow him.
Shit, if there IS a god...I got SO many questions for that dude! My ass will be on its way to hell on account of my complaints and insults alone, anyways.
Wait...god has...beliefs? how does THAT work?
Guess what! if we're going to hell anyway my reply to him when he says "Kneel" would be "fuck off"
America the "offened". Give me a break. On what grounds do you know that your "god" doesn't believe in Atheists?

I will NEVER EVER bow down to your "god". His word is repulsive and I would love to talk to him about the attocities that he commited. I don't share the same morals of your "god". As a matter of fact, I don't even beleive in your repulsive ''god".

By the way, there are MANY Atheists that were once Christian and they know the "Word of God" through the Holey Book. They are also smart enough to see the contradictions within it.

Educate yourself.
Well I can prove that Atheists Exist...
You can't do that with your mythical deity.


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