Maybe this is a silly topic for discussion, but does anyone else find this awkward?

It is the closing of a conversation (phone or live) and right before the other person hangs up or walks away they say, "god* bless you."

I usually say, "Thank you," or "You take care"; but it almost always catches me off guard.

Since it is at the closing of a discussion, it seems odd to reopen the conversation to tell (or remind them) that I am an atheist and do not believe in god. When a stranger says, "god bless you", it hardly seems worth it to even have that discussion at all. If it is not a stranger, of course I never remember to bring it up to that person until the next conversation tag, "god bless you", pops up again.

The assumption of other people think that I am christian* does irk me, 

* In writing this post I have decided god and christan do not deserve capitalization. Spell check! I defy you!

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Luckily I haven't had that closing come up in conversation or on the phone more than once or twice. It was always some door to door salesman though, and my diner was more important to me at the time. From time to time there are clients at work who close all their emails that way though. People that do not know of my Atheism and aren't worth the possible issues that could arise. With the emails I ignore it and tend to end my reply with a 'Cheers!' instead. As for the door-to-door guy... I just didn't respond at all.

Now if a family member said this I would try to ignore the comment and pay it no validation. However, if it was from someone who knows I am an Atheist, I may relay to them similarly but plug in Zeus or FSM instead.
Same here. Or "Thanks, goodbye."

Just thinking though, depending on how I feel about the next stranger that does that to me, how about "Live long and prosper!"?
This is me clicking my "like" button.
Exaactly. It is so presumptuous for people to assume you believe as they do. I just start saying, thanks for the sentiment, but I don't believe in god. They can take it further if they like or they can just leave it. Most of the time, they just leave it. What is really annoying me is all the god stuff on my facebook. I've got half the people blocked that annoy me the most with their god bless everybody every two seconds and the other half I just barely tolerate and they all know I'm atheist. I think they do it even more just to annoy me.
I once responded "which one?" to a stranger who said "god bless you." She gave me a quizzical look for a few seconds, then a dirty look.
I feel that you may be taking offense to an offense that isn't being given intentionally. It isn't always meant like that. You don't have to be christian or any other religion that says something similar for a theist to hope that the diety that they believe exists treats you well. When I say "Take it easy" I don't assume that the recipiant of said remark is high strung. Although that situation isn't really on the same track, I use it to illustrate the light heartedness of such a thing. Most people that say "god bless you" are used to saying that, and it doesn't offend me really... but it does make me feel uncomfortable. Although I feel that theists are unreasonable, and lack the capability to think for themselves, I respect the fact that their religious ways are important to them. I won't ask a mentally handicapped person not to use the urinal with his pants around his knees, because it isn't exactly a change he can just make. The same goes with "god bless you". Unless it is someone you know, you ARE right to say, I feel, that it makes you uncomfortable, but even then, you should approach that situation with respect, for after all, the statement in question was meant to be respectful in the first place.
Agreed, I have however seen and heard the phrase 'God Bless You' used in a non-friendly way. Where some Christians want to try to fight their closed-minded points and have closed ears towards what I have to say. Then they end their circular reasoned argument with a very aggressive statement. Sometimes like this, 'You know what, I am done arguing with you over something that I know is right. You will learn someday. God bless you!'
Tell me you've seen this happen before? It's their cop-out to get out of an argument and still act in what they think are 'Christan ways/virtues.' Many don't care to hear what I have to say, and do NOT want to be challenged, thus the phrase 'God Bless You' comes in VERY handy.
I have studied lots of people in my life, and its only the christans I meet that do this "god bless you" stuff...

Have you studied many non-Christians? I ask because I am fairly certain that other religions have certain greetings, even if in languages other than English, are similar to "God bless you".

Oh and does the average christian have the authority to give away the blessings of god?

Now, that is a great question!
Now, that is a great question!

I'm sure if god thought his blessings weren't infinite, he'd let them know wouldn't he?

I think the it's a mistake for atheists to get too tweaked about this. I think the most response it deserves is something along the lines of the Spock Raised Eyebrow of Incredulity. I think that to most people it's on the same level as "Thank You" or any other social nicety.

We need to worry about the big stuff, the little stuff like this will take care of itself.
Normally I just hear "bless you"(mostly after I sneeze), I don't think I've ever heard anyone say the full "god bless you" to me. I think many people just say it out of habit, they don't really mean it in a religious context anymore. And I know no one's ever said it to me as a converstion closer. But the people I associate with the most are generally pretty low on the religiosity scale to begin with, simply because the more devout a person is in their religion, the more being around them makes me want to kill myself.


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