Maybe this is a silly topic for discussion, but does anyone else find this awkward?

It is the closing of a conversation (phone or live) and right before the other person hangs up or walks away they say, "god* bless you."

I usually say, "Thank you," or "You take care"; but it almost always catches me off guard.

Since it is at the closing of a discussion, it seems odd to reopen the conversation to tell (or remind them) that I am an atheist and do not believe in god. When a stranger says, "god bless you", it hardly seems worth it to even have that discussion at all. If it is not a stranger, of course I never remember to bring it up to that person until the next conversation tag, "god bless you", pops up again.

The assumption of other people think that I am christian* does irk me, 

* In writing this post I have decided god and christan do not deserve capitalization. Spell check! I defy you!

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I feel the same exact way sometimes. It doesn't bother me much because I'm used to it.
But sometimes I'm tempted to bring up that I am an atheist and I don't really approve of being blessed by an unreal figure.
I just say "Same!". In my home language it doesn't sound so awkward.

"God bless you!"
I don't often hear that used in that manner. But, the few times I have been told that, I typically respond with a quizzical expression and ask them "who?".
Works well for those who have momentarily forgotten that you are an atheist. After a confused moment they say "oh, oh yeah".
Ach for gods sake guys lol (whatever that means to) :)
"The assumption of other people think that I am christian* does irk me, "

I agree with that, but I usually just ignore it. It doesn't happen often to me, but if it did, I'd just figure it was just a habit.
My Dad says this to me all the time. When I first told him I was an atheist, it was after nearly every convo. Then I just responded with "you, too".

The amount he says it has dropped a lot, but now I pretty much just ignore it, anyways. I usually just reply with "love you, Dad" and leave it at that.

In general I really do just ignore it. I actually got it from an atheist once who said it to me and then looked so embarrassed. I just started laughing. I think it's become so ingrained into our culture that it's entirely lost it's meaning. I doubt they're assuming that you're a Christian (for starters, Jews also say "God bless")... in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't even assuming you were a believer. "God bless" has all but replaced "good bye" and "see ya' later" as the end-of-conversation salutation.

I believe Billy Joel wishes people "God bless", and, unless I'm much mistaken, he's an atheist...
everyone seems to hear this a lot...I don't think I ever heard it in this context.
Yes...I never know what to say....people around here often say that when another person sneezes...occasionally I can't stop the sneeze in the company of those types so I must admit I say, "thank you" which is the customary response....
You may want to confess...'re does make me feel like a hypocrite...where it usually takes place is at my business by what can I do?
Same thing I do. Tell them you love Jesus. ;-)




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